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Justin Snout
#dream40 - A lipstick butt in the ashtray of love
#dream40 - A lipstick butt in the ashtray of love

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There's chatter in the flower bed: “The day it wanes!” #dream40 

My name is Justin Snout
And I love Helena

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Spell on you #dream40  

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Had a dream / Me and her / When we’re old  #dream40

In my world, there is only 1 love. And that is my love for Helena. So to find out that I’m now third in the queue is, to be frank, insulting. It is queue-law that, whoever gets there first, is at the front and I have loved that girl since she was only six foot tall. I’m a lover, not a fighter but on this occasion, I will make an exception but the way I fight is not with my mighty fists of steel but with awesome poems that leave my body like heat seeking missiles to singe the hot pants of my foes, foes being the ancient word for people who nick your girlfriend and whisk her off to a forest for a snog. So, you evil twins of lanky lothario-ness, prepare to meet thy inky doom …

(yawn) Just… woken up / (stretches, scratches) / I was thinking / This love lark / It’s not right / I might just stick to words / Coz / With words / You know where you are / Especially if the words / Are written / On a map / Like, ‘You Are Here’ /But with girls They’re all over the place  #dream40

What is it about Dads? / You ask them a question / And they answer / By saying not now / They don’t even look at you / There’s Helena / Ignores uz completely / Then I go home / Dad does the same / It’s like I’m not even here #dream40

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(yawns) I am tired / But I don’t want to sleep / I must have been eating too much cheese or something / Coz’ I’m getting these dreams and they’re weird / Like, I’ve got these massive hands / And I’m playing the piano #dream40

I’m confused  / First there was her / Chasing him / Now he’s / Chasing her / And so is he / And me? / I’m not even in it / This lust business / It’s all wonky / I might just go back home / Have myself a shandy / Crack one off / So to speak / Which is a shame / Because she needs love / And I’ve got a glut #dream40

Everyone is talking about this potion that you drop on people’s eyes, right? And then when they wake up they like, totally fall in love with the first person they see. How weird is that? Imagine if you had a mirror in your room, you’d end up loving yourself. Maybe that’s what happened to Demetrius? #dream40
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