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Is it me or is combat against multiple opponents a fraught experience (I'm talking early stage PCs here)?

Are there any minion rules in other supplements? Clearly, I can craft my own but wondering if there was anything official. Not looking to go all Conan here but wanting PCs to be able to go up against more than an equal number of bandits and the like.

Knockdown (using 5.2): if a combatant was knockdown in a previous round and (obviously) announces he wants to regain his feet but is then attacked, that combatant has the choice between whether to defend or regain his feet (but not both)?

What's throwing me are the following:

1.) from Knockdown, pg. 138: "When knocked down, an armored knight may struggle back to his feet during the Movement Phase next round (i.e., not the one yet to come this round). If the character is attacked before getting up, then he and his opponent(s) receive –5/+5 reflexive modifiers to their weapon rolls."

2.) from Resolution Phase, pg. 136 (in Melee Round Procedure): "Generally, characters can either fight (during this phase) or move (during the Movement Phase), but not both.

So, taken together, my perception is that a knocked-down character can only take one action, defend/exchange blows (at a disadvantage) or ignore the attack, hoping the attacker misses or doesn't do enough damage to stop him from regaining his feet. That correct?

Intimidate tests in 1e - are they opposed Willpower tests? Interrogation or Fear tests?

Clearly, context matters but I’m talking here of a bog standard PCs meet Thugs in a dark alley and a standoff ensues. Willpower test or simply role play it out?

I’m certain I’m either overthinking or simply missing the rule somewhere but it doesn’t seem to be explicitly called out.

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Any medieval (specifically Wars of the Roses period, early 15th Century) Mythras/general d100 supplements I should be aware of?

Before I recreate the wheel, is there a fan resource (or, official?) that customizes Special Effects, e.g. a smaller list of SE for a glaive or one for a mace?

I find myself slowing down play to examine all the Effects and was just wondering if folks have crafted anything I might be able to borrow/modify.

I’m certain I’m overthinking this but wanted to ask:

To damage someone bearing a shield and wearing armor, a weapon striking a passively blocked location would need to overcome both the shield’s AP AND the armor’s AP, correct?

Critical Injury tables: when a lethal injury is noted, what is the -1, e.g. pg. 187, 61-62: Lethal column: Y, -1.

Is that a modifier to a Heal test?

So, is Davokar or Thronelands the most Tolkienesque current interpretation of md6?

Combat: an attacker who has initiative and selects two fast actions on his turn does not get a reaction to defend if/when the turn passes to his opponent, correct?
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