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mohan mx

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Good shot ..bad cam :D
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mohan mx

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Guys suggest a title for our game.

We have come up with 2 titles.....
(The story is cause and effect on events in the past and future)


2)Quantum Eraser

Comment & give your suggestions.
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2) quantum eraser
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mohan mx

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Great venture for free and quality higher education!
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mohan mx

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Good job Apple you fu*ked the world!
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mohan mx

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sure thing!..n this only seems good..shud do a lil snoopin around..
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mohan mx

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No universal symbol for #engineers like doctors, that is depressing! shud do something about it!
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create pannu machi
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mohan mx

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mohan mx

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I guess, this what people see when they are reaaallly #high! Best Viewed 800x600 Pixels! #UI #DESIGN 
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mohan mx

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Bought this cheapo tablet here! and i wont say that the battery backup is bad!!..But any techie suggestions to improve the battery life of an #android  tab ? 
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k k. 
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mohan mx

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This is totally #EPIC ! 
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Why haven't i seen this earlier! love it!
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mohan mx

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This is y i love #linux,coz no spoon feeding makes u awesome!
#Linux is trending!

But why?

Most of the people don't even know what Linux is...
And a lot of people think that Linux is to complicated and not user friendly.
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Yeah Openelec has a great working system, maybe u shud contact them give their developers a cue abt ur problem....and I agree TV in india is considerably cheap the commercial channels too..can get more than 220+ channels for about 400 INR
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