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Gamer, Computer Geek, Programmer, Gadget Nut, Dog Lover
Gamer, Computer Geek, Programmer, Gadget Nut, Dog Lover


So my attempts to find a new home, just really haven't panned out. The only one I could stand was MeWe and I'm just not enthusiastic about interacting there, I keep coming back to G+. My big haunts are Twitch, Discord (many related to my twitch and youtube activity), Twitter, and Youtube in that order.

So with that in mind, here's my identities on those sites:
Twitch: thundergod97
Discord: ThunderGod97#3821
Twitter: thundergod97
YouTube: thundergod97 there too....but it's a little complicated....thanks to google.

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10 months to go. My stream is now basically split between reactions to it, news/comments on the data vulnerability, people sharing petitions, and people sharing links to where they are headed. It's not going to take 10 months /me thinks.

Trying out a couple other places because my only other social network is Twitter...and while that's good for quick posts, I need something long form. Can't stand Facebook.

I'm Thor on both MeWe and at least there's that.

But that probably just shows how popular they are. We'll see how it all plays out I guess.

Definitely active on Twitter too....
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Well that sucks...G+ shutting down...our data exposed in an API idea if it was actually exploited.

No surprise though...I figured this place didn't have much longer to live. So with this just makes sense.

Mostly active on Twitter besides this. @Thundergod97

See ya around.

edit: I think we could all feel the life draining out of G+. It is still a great place to get info and photos and hangout with other people with similar interests. We knew G+ wouldn't die until Google killed it. It would persist on until the time google decided it didn't want to spend resources on it. That time is now coming.

To me, my activity has been waning here. Two communities where I was involved heavily at one point, the G+ Dog Park (Moderator) and Ingress, I've been laying off of.

The G+ dog park simply because I don't have a dog right now. I've been holding off until I feel comfortable enough to take care of a dog. I still love seeing their pictures though.

Ingress, I retired from. To play that game it required far too much of my time and with that level of commitment, it lead to interactions I didn't want to have. Many of the followers I have came from Ingress. Many of those people I know in person from meeting them playing the game...from both sides. I loved many of the interactions we had. There were always some that just took it too seriously, and made it not fun at times. "Don't get attached" was the mantra many use. Some just didn't listen to that....I know I found myself playing like I didn't listen to that at times. It created stress. I don't play games to get stress. So thus the retirement.
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I read what they said this is....but just from the picture, it looks like someone shining a bright light on some vertical blinds with an increasing smaller hole in them :P cannot unsee!
A massive Mars dust storm is turning day-to-night, causing the solar-powered Mars Opportunity rover to have likely entered a low-power mode where all subsystems are off, except a mission clock that can wake the computer to check power levels. Info:
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Screw you Thursday.

Had to drive to one of the other locations of my company for training today. On the way home, heading down 290...I accelerated hard, and suddenly, something in my exhaust let go....I was now MUCH louder. Turns out my exhaust didn't like going through my Muffler anymore...and took a shortcut. My truck is now in the shop getting that fixed.

After a couple hours arranging that, I drove home in a rental car. Upon entering my apartment, it felt a tad warmer than I'm used to at home. It was 83F in my living room....I normally keep it at 70-74F. Yup....90 degree temps coming this weekend and my AC just died.

Screw you Thursday.
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If the browser tab I have your site on crashes because of all the frickin ads you have playing and repeatedly loading over and over, perhaps you should rethink your ad strategy. This is NOT user friendly and I most likely will not return to your site when I see this.

And no I don't use adblock extensions or utilities. I respect site owners who rely on ads to keep their sites free. One such site, who has respect for their visitors is +Techaeris one of the best technology sites on the net.
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Uber self-driving car hits and kills a person.

This a repost from a post about that story....because I loved my response so much:

It was bound to happen sooner or later. I don't see self-driving cars becoming widespread for a while. It is realistic to expect incidents like this until they get it right...and even then, they will still happen because shit still happens....and no amount of programming or machine learning can prevent every incident. You balk at self-driving cars now, but when they figure them out and they are actually commonplace and widespread, the deaths due to cars will bottom out. Right now there's no focus on people who get hit by cars and all the incidents that happen because humans are behind the wheel....yet we focus on the emerging technology that has just hit and killed a human.

I would prefer a world where I can bike safely on the streets of Chicago....instead of the world now where I take my life into my hands because of the idiots on the road (not saying some bikers don't ride insanely, they do, I do not). I speak from experience: 2 major incidents where the person in the car was at fault and they got away with no charges (technicalities) or just ran off without worrying about the biker they just hit with their door (officially a hit and run with Chicago Police). Several other incidents that were minor where I got no injuries but I can't say the same for my bike.

Please bring on the self-driving cars....gets humans out of the seat behind the wheel.

new comments:
Cars are not the problem...the human element is in remove the human element and you will see car deaths almost eliminated. Humans are flawed and we make mistakes. We have egos. We get full of ourselves. We think we own the road.

A self-driving car isn't like that. It's first priority is the safety of those people in and around the car. Everything else takes a back seat. They still have to work on's not quite there yet...and thus the reason the car had a human in the driver seat in the incident that occurred. Don't know why they didn't intervene...but shit happens. This doesn't mean we should stop working on self-driving just means we should keep working on it. A driver-less world (or one where the number of drivers on the road are DRAMATICALLY reduced) will be much better than the world we have now.

Original Story:
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fix for losing muting tabs in Chrome (now defaults to muting sites not tabs). note: to mute a tab now you click the volume icon when a site is playing audio. you still have the mute site option in the right click menu if you want to use that too....this is how it should be by default:

+Google Chrome Please enable both mute sites and mute tabs in this way BY DEFAULT. I shouldn't have to rely on this experimental feature and opt into a feature I used to use heavily....finalize it and make it default.

Specifically....I use it HEAVILY on Twitch with multiple monitors. They are now turning off your viewer status if you mute the video....but it doesn't apply when you mute the tab. But most of the time I want to watch multiple streamers of and on with my main computer. Mute Site killed my ability to temporarily mute streamers when I'm paying attention to someone I have to use this option. Give us options don't take them away.
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It's a minor point to mention how the people commenting on the SpaceX stream didn't know that the people behind the scenes had duplicated the feed of one of the boosters as they landed on the screen (probably were having issues with one feed). It was obvious as soon as you saw the same booster on both screens starting it's descent burn as it approached Cape Canaveral. It was even more obvious when you could see the very different looking landing zone of the other booster whose camera feed wasn't being used appear in the shot of the one they were using on both feeds.

The money shot though was the external shot of them landing them both within seconds of each other.

They may have lost the center core (probably going to find out that shortly at the press conference), but they landed two boosters in spectacular fashion and got their payload to orbit (and soon beyond) to provide spectacular views of Earth.

edit: They have since uploaded a corrected version of the video which includes footage (somewhat blurry footage, which is probably why they opted not to show it live) of both boosters landing.
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