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Student, Writer, Dreamer, Gamer
Student, Writer, Dreamer, Gamer

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Restarting work on my writing. Going to be doing serious research on some difficult subject matters for my novel. Need to set a new deadline for it and that will be it for this project. Wonder what people will say when they read it for the first time?

I don't how I should feel with Google+ new look. :/ 

So tomorrow I am going to try and sell back some of my textbooks that I have. Though I don't know it is worth doing for what they say the books are worth.

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So true and I just had to share it. :-D

I would like to get the sheet music from Mass Effect 3. I really like one of the tracks that plays at the end of the game.

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Had to share this. :-D
Come on COFFEE start that magic!

Google+ now has polls? :-/ I guess it could be useful for some users. Though I am still unsure about it. :-/

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Just had to share this. :-P

So far my term back at college has been good. Though I think I will need to cut back on my social networking time to focus more on my classes and possibly my novel.

I will still check in though I might not respond to post and comments that people make. But I will respond to any emails that come my way.

Also  I am hoping to get my revision done for my novel before I share a part of it for the 777 challenge from +Scarlett Van Dijk . Still I need to remember classwork first, writing second and sharing
third. :-)

Have a good time everyone. :-D

Why does it seem that textbooks (and the authors that write them) destroy any interest in a subject they write about. Like history for example, textbooks always do a disservice in how they present the information and it always seems to be stale and mechanical manner.

History should be presented in a way that reflects what it is. That it is a story of people and how they lived their lives. It is like a novelist telling a story but it does not connect with you and that it seems distant and forgettable and that it becomes a chore to read.
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