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Name: Wilson Fisk
High Concept: The Kingpin of Crime
Trouble: Where’s My Vanessa?
Aspects: Nothing Personal, It’s Just Business; Remarkable Sumo Master; Made-Men and Mutants Serve Me
Roles: Superb (Mastermind); Great (Authority); Good (Criminal, Scientist); Fair (Soldier, Assassin)
• Everyone Works for Me: When confronted by an officer of the law, Fisk can spend a fate point to declare that they’re corrupt. Wilson can overcome with Authority to get the corrupt officer off his case. The opposition to this roll is their Will roll or his Criminal ratting, whichever is higher.
• Layers of Muscle: Wilson has Armor: 2 against bludgeoning attacks, such as fists and clubs
• Everyone Has a Weakness, and I’ve Just Found Yours (Level 1): Once per Episode, when someone begins a physical conflict against Wilson, He can roll Mastermind to defend against their first attack as long as they can see and hear one another. If he succeeds, they don’t attack him after all, he came up with something to say at the last moment that stayed their hand, effectively; it ends the conflict. However this only works if Wilson can come up with that something he said. Using this stunt doesn’t prevent his opponent from starting another conflict, but it can buy him and his team a chance to make the first move.
• I Only Hire The Very Best Hit-Men (Level 2): When Wilson uses his action to tell another NPC to do something dangerous, and they do it, they get a +2 to their roll. In addition Once per Session, Wilson Fisk can call upon his profitable army of petty thugs and costumed enforcers to deal with problems. These reinforcements take the form of either: A Lieutenant, One Hitter with an Apex Skill equal to His Authority Rating, Two Threats with an apex Skill equal to One Step Lower than his Authority Rating, or Fair Mooks equal in number to his Authority Rating.
Stress: [(2), (2)]
Consequences: Mild; Moderate; Severe

Notes: So now I'm transitioning to antagonist because...yeah, anyway Fisk made the most since he's essentially a member of the agreement. I didn't outright state it in his Level 2 stunt but it'd make sense if any Lieutenant can have a Gonzo Stunt...but why tell the PCs that.

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Name: Atomic Robo
• High Concept: World-Famous Robot Adventurer
• Trouble: Preserving Tesla’s Legacy
• Call to Action: Fighting Scientist of Tesladyne
• War Story: Decades of Dangerous Experience
• Team-Up: Hope this Works
• Robot*(Athletics, Computers, Gadgetry, Knowledge)
• Brains (Computers, Gadgetry, Insight, Knowledge)
• Leader (Insight, Knowledge, Persuade, Resources)
• Great (Fight); Good (Knowledge, Gadgetry, Athletics); Fair (Computers, Insight, Persuade); Average (Resource, Shoot)
• Atomic Strength (Level 1): Gain a +2 when Robo attempts to remove a situation aspect by shoving, strong-arming, or otherwise using physical strength; However, this tends to be Highly Destructive.
• Just Guns? (Level 2): Robo is Bulletproof, Armor: 2 to everything else. In addition, He’s considered armed and has Weapon: 2 when fighting Hand to Hand. However, he’s Highly Susceptible to Strong Magnetism.
• A Plan Comes Together (Leader)
Stress: Physical: [4/4]; Mental: [2/2]
Refresh: [3]
Consequences: Mild; Moderate; Severe

Notes: Alright this was surprisingly tricky because his Call to Arms and Trouble kept messing me up. Nevertheless I'd argue that Robo was easier than Winston but he was frustrating cause I ran out of points for skills, his Athletics is only a +3 and I wanted it to be a +4. Either way I added Stunt Aspects to lower the "cost" of the Gonzo Stunts, like he's bulletproof but weak to magnetism ala the old book, not sure how I was going to work that out. Was thinking either: A.) Any Roll involving magnets against him gets an extra free invoke or when compelled he'd have to double the Fate Point cost to negate it. Eh...I'll let whomever uses him decide. However Robo presents an interesting concept, there is a group known as the "Sentinels of Science" essentially tesladyne but without as much teeth, so they have a transplanar travel it wouldn't be too hard for say the SoS to stumble into Roboverse or worse for something like Rex Cannon or Edison to spill over to their world and Robo follow in hot pursuit....OH or even Better Dr. Dino!

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Name: Winston Zeddemore
• High Concept: The Ghost-Busting Everyman
• Trouble: Smart, but Not Bragging about It
• Call to Action: As Long As It Comes with a Paycheck
• War Story: Semper Fi
• Team-Up: I’ve Got Your Back
• Soldier (Athletics, Fight, Shoot, Will)
• Wheelman (Awareness, Drive, Provoke, Shoot)
• Ghostbuster* (Awareness, Gadgetry, Knowledge, Will)
• Great (Awareness)
• Good (Shoot, Athletics)
• Fair (Will, Fight, Drive)
• Average (Provoke, Contacts, Insight, Knowledge, Gadgetry)
• Never Leave a Man Behind (Soldier)
• Sweet Ride [Ecto-1] (Wheelman)
• Say That Again (Ghostbuster)
Refresh: [3]
Stress: Physical: [3/3]; Mental: [3/3]
Consequences: Mild; Moderate; Severe

Notes: Alright so I "guess" I understand the method to ShadoC's madness, but I'll be making Atomic Robo, since he'd be a Gonzo character for sure, to really sell it but it wasn't too hard. My only grip would be that while the list of stunts are great...can't I just make my own and just say which role they're associated with? Kind of like how Mega-Stunts were with ARRPG?

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Name: Kenneth Holbert
High Concept: The Good Guy Gamer
Trouble: Drama Magnet
Aspects: Welcome to the Dork Side; Acquaintance to Many, Friend to Few; Child at Heart
Skills: Great (Empathy); Good (Rapport, Lore); Fair (Notice, Will, Craft); Average (Investigate, Resources, Combat, Contacts)
• Master of the Charm Offensive: Whenever Kenneth creates an advantage using Rapport, he may create an extra free invoke on success.
• Doesn’t Know When to Quit: Once per Scene, Kenneth can check a mental stress box to absorb physical harm. If he does, he gets a free boost
• Wait, I know that guy: Use Rapport in place of Stealth when trying to overcome obstacles that are people.
Stress: Physical: [2/2]; Mental: [3/3]
Consequences: Mild; Moderate; Severe

Note: With the end of G+ around the corner sob I figured I'd get one last writeup in before the end and guess what? It's ME...hahaha! Seriously, I'm going to miss this place

Right so I've more or less done nothing Fate based in a while, which is a crying shame! I need suggestions: Writeups, Adventures, Discussions, Anyone?

So I wonder, if you could FATEform, (Fateorize?), turn to Fate something for the RPG what would it be? I know things like Star Wars, D&D, and Shadowrun have been done to death, but what is something that sort of was on the back end of your ideas of utilizing Fate rules with? I guess I should start, for me it would be "Rocket Age" a Vortex system RPG from Cubicle7/Why Not Games by Kenneth Spencer. The thing is that RA WAS going to use the Fate system but at the last minute Spencer decided to use the Vortex system, which stinks because Cubicle7 seemed to have dropped alot of IPs as they floundered for publishers such as: Rocket Age, Victoriana, all really good IPs...but just didn't have the star power of things such as Dr. Who or LoTR

So once again, after all the stuff I made, I'm back to where it began....trying to get mechanics down for Racing. Of course on the surface, you'd just say "But can't you use the Chase Rules from the FST and just say whomever succeeds takes the race?" to which I would say "GENIUS!! However, I'd need more than just a hoop, I need obstacles, I need thrills, I, you get the idea." So the idea I have is of course having aspects or escalating aspects that can be invoked to increase the difficulty of gaining successes (Baseline: Fair [+2]), but I'm still curious if that's enough. Thoughts, Suggestions?


How many different types of scene mechanics are there? By that I mean: Challenge, Contest, Crisis, Conflict, Countdown, etc...bonus points for those that cite their sources.

Anyone have a Rolled & Told #0 that they are willing to sell?

One of my favorite mechanics for FATE is Cliffhangers from Masters of Umdaar, the problem is that MoU is FAE orientated (generally anything you make using CORE can be used for FAE, but it's MUCH harder to convert FAE mechanics to CORE). It was more or less deathtraps, not like regular traps which you can find in the Antagonist Toolkit. The thing is that I'm working on making a Battle Arena for a Mech based Adventure sort of like the Thunderdome meets that sounds cool so...ideas?
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