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Dolphin Automotive the brand you NEED in your car
Dolphin Automotive the brand you NEED in your car

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Red Rear Parking Sensors Fitted on to 2011 Honda Civic
Red   DPS400 Dolphin Parking Sensors Installed on to 2011 Honda Civic in Burntwood,
Staffordshire. The installation was carried out by one of our fixed
price nationwide installers.

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Citroen C5 With Dolphin Parking Sensors
Citroen C5 with our Micro parking sensors fitted in the factory fit holes on the lower trim.

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Daytime Running Lights Installed on Honda
DRL180AUTO Daytime running lights installed on to Honda by one of our installers

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Mini Installed With Daytime Running Lights
Mini installed with DRL550AUTO daytime running lights by one of our installers Dennis. Because the lights are separate this gives you flexibility of design.

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Vauxhall Corsa with "Aqua" rear parking sensors
2005 Vauxhall Corsa with a set of rear 'Aqua' Dolphin Parking Sensors (DPS400) fitted at Watton Towing.

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Watton Towing Installation of Daytime Running Lights on to Peugeot 307
Watton Towing fitted DRL550AUTO Daytime Running Lights to a 2005 Peugeot 307 on 16th January 2017. Image Source Watton Towing Facebook Page

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Parking Sensors Fitted to Fiat Motorhome
This is a Fiat Motorhome m otor home installation using a preferred water
proof box at the back underneath the van to hold the Brain . The parking sensors were fitted through our mobile installer network.

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Detailed Dolphin Parking Sensor Installation
Lee Knowles Cheshire Dolphin
Audio in silver fitted to a Honda Civic. Masking tape is used to
accurately identify the drilling location and it helps hold the drill
bit in place when drilling and protect the paintwork. Ideally you want
to mount them 50cm...

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Reversing Camera Installation on to Peugeot Boxer
This is a Peugeot Boxer that has been adapted in to a motor home. 
Obviously to accomplish this transformation it has undergone the
addition of lots of features.  As you can see our installer has also
fitted a specialist OEM style reversing camera to mak...

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Dolphin Audio Fitted to Fiat 500
Grey sensors installed on the rear bumper of a Fiat 500 by Graham at G-Tech
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