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Melissa Cruz
blogger, teacher, mother, crafter, student, friend, musician, lover of the arts
blogger, teacher, mother, crafter, student, friend, musician, lover of the arts

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All And Everything
I feel raw and on edge lately. I know I'm emotional and stressed, I know I can't wave a magic wand and make it go away. I know this is part of life, ups and downs. I know I can't have it all. I know I'm lucky to be alive. I know I have more than I deserve I...

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The Disciple's Vow
At times I feel overwhelmed, alone and afraid. I don't even recognize myself sometimes and I feel as if I've transformed into an entirely different person. I've learned that, like a marriage, it is impossible for one to truly know their spiritual partner. O...

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Gouranga Duti Pada
Today I woke up late at 5am. Our hope was that I would get the boys up early enough to make it to the early morning service (mangala-arati) but I figured it wouldn't happen so I prepared for my home altar service. The boys got up relatively early for a week...

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Yesterday I didn't get a chance to speak to you regarding our last interaction. I was uneasy about the way we left things and you were upset. I was too angry to discuss it further so I decided to leave it for another time when cooler heads prevailed. I real...

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Fantasy and Nightmare
I’m in my room now. I must have gotten up around
3:30am. I lied in bed for about an hour thinking about you and talking to you. I told you about a
nightmare I had. I had your full attention. This is my fantasy. I began with the most detailed aspects of the ...

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Serie Anonimo
Anonymous Series La Primera/The First One of the final things you said seemed
unenlightened from my perspective. Though I could bring myself to understand or
accept this situation as a reality for others, it never crossed my mind that,
perchance, such circu...

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I don't know if avoidance is a conflict-resolution strategy but I'm going to try like hell to rationalise it as such. I've been avoiding a few things, situations and even people with the hopes that, given time and space, it will sort itself out. Okay, okay,...

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Today, Zion and I got into a conversation about Naruto after his math lesson and we discussed our favorite characters. I said I favored Hinata, naturally, because Sakura was too wrapped in Sasuke's bullshit for my liking. At any rate, he tells me that he ad...

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Yesterday I did what I never thought was possible-- the most challenging human function for me-- I opened up to someone about an incriminating and embarrassing indiscretion. Nobody as yet knows about it except for him. I can't imagine telling anyone in my p...

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Behind The Mask
Yesterday I was frustrated and on the precipice of a
heart-wrenching and conflicting realization. I desperately wanted to burst open
and pour out all my thoughts, feelings and anxieties but I resisted. I resisted
even in the presence of someone with no pers...
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