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Now with autocomplete search for your name
PublicCircles now with AutoComplete Search

Now we have autocomplete search. To find the circles you are in, you do not have to know your 21-digit google id number. Now you can use autocomplete search to get the number and do the search.

At the moment the search is case sensitive, so please write your name as in your profile.

Happy searching 
#autocomplete #search #publiccircles 
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Sheri Ward
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Public Circles

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Hello Public Circles Fans, now your time has nearly come

Have you checked out our Daily Circle News Magazine? Now we want to enable this feature for you too - shortly. If you are interested in creating your own Daily Circle News Magazine, please fill out the form below.

Thanks for you help and for the nearly 5000 followers we have on this page.
Do You Want to Create Your Own Daily Circle Page?

We are not ready yet, but preparing everything on to make it possible, that you create your own daily magazine pages from shared circles.

No yet ready, but if you are interested, please fill out the form and as soon we are ready, we let you in as beta testers.Please include or Profile ID or Name, otherwise we can not inform you.
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Love is the best thing to get you I love every one in the world.
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Public Circles

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Public Circles Database and Daily Circles Update
Hey there,
we have just updated the site - check it out - some new features and sadly the links for the old Daily Circles are gone, but the new version is online.
So if you had a Daily Circle that you have really liked, let me know and I just will set it up again.

What's new?
- new homepage with latest added public circles and latest Daily Circles
- more information about the public circle with lots of new links
- Authors page
- View circle with members
- alle circles of author
- all circles with author

More to come soon

If you have ideas, questions, tipps or bugs, please let me know here or at my profile +Siegfried Hirsch
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Ok i will, thanks!!!
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Public Circles

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What Circles are you on?
just use the incircles features:
What shared circles are published on G+
shared circles of the month:
Want a preview of a shared circle to see content and daily traffic?
look at some of the preview here:

+Chris Robinson has put together a nice summary about the Daily Circles here
The Daily Plus Listing
There are thousands of shared circles being circulated on Google+. Wouldn't it be great if you could read the posts from these circles like a newspaper, as opposed to watching them fly by your stream in real time? Also, wouldn't it be nice if you could test drive a shared circle before adding it? I definitely recommend checking out +Siegfried Hirsch's The Daily Plus Listing! Currently the page only has a handful of circles, but it's a really nice way to follow your favorite circles and to find new circles.

Below I have provided four shared circles and links to the associated Daily Plus pages. Please note that the page has to pull in all of the posts, so it may take a second or two for all of the posts to show up.

+Max Huijgen's Think different: the interaction circle:
View Daily Plus:

+Fraser Cain's Super Science Circle:
View Daily Plus:

+Chris Robinson's Science circle (Pages only):
View Daily Plus:

+Chris Robinson's Science circle (Profiles only):
View Daily Plus:

This is a wonderful project and will be a great asset to the Google+ community. Click on the link below to view other shared circles in The Daily Plus Listing, and please contact +Siegfried Hirsch if you have any suggestions or comments.
Shared Circles and Helpful Google+ Links:
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be of christ always
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Public Circles

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Great circle and great test for Daily Circle

here you can find a Daily Circle page for the "thinking different" circle. As you can see, this circle is very active

Circle has 200 members -- published 2012-02-26 with 137 participants and 692 postings
Statistiks for 2012-02-26 -- 7166 comments 5388 reshares and 18372 +1's
+Max Huijgen helped to test the Daily Circle functionality of the Daily Circle Service on +Public Circles
Out of the box into a circle: change your G+ world!
The pegs and the holes, the ones who think different, the people who will change your G+ world

A careful selection on relevance, great posts, contributions to debate, original thought and stunning images. If you follow this circle of 200, G+ will never be boring and you are in for a stream of thoughts and beauty.

The familiar faces show up, but it contains a large number of hidden gems if you dig deeper.

As a circle needs a name: "Think different: the interaction circle" will do very well.

Update: The most interesting part is that the circle is part of some experiments: one of them is the daily update. A way to ´subscribe´ to a circle by reading all the post at your leisure. Every day you will see the complete collection on this url:

On a dull Saturday this circle managed to create 780 posts and generate 7093 comments, 4842 reshares and 16074 +1's. Check it on a week day and that page will be living proof that G+ is not dead at all. This circle alone generates more posts and comments than you can possibly read on a day. Oh yes, that´s why it´s called the interaction circle ;)
In this Circle:
Add people
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I can't 'add people' like offered in the post. Im told I can't add one or more people or pages to my circle. How do I join the circle?
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Public Circles

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Public Circles just got an update - travel back in time

Some bugs fixes and switched to a newer version of Bootstrap.

Daily Circles are now available for former dates and you can travel back in time. Check it out.
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7 comments Hollywood Action Movies Full English,Guardians of the Galaxy 2014
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Public Circles

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Small bug fixed on Public Circles
sometimes it could happen, that the Daily Circles page showed an empty result. This happened, when we computed the wrong date for generating the daily circles page.
The problem came up after implementing the additional feature, that a Daily Circle page could be called with a different date. If you have for example a Daily Circle like this one and you want to check, what was in this circle the day before you can now use the date as an additional parameter on the url.

Snapshot from the day before (yesterday)

Snapshot from 2012-04-02 (2nd of April 2012)
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Buy Google Plus Shares..
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Public Circles

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Public Circles Update
Minor updates for displaying the members in a circle and bugfixing. The Curator of the compared circles are now more prominent above the differences.

How do you like the compare function for two circles. Have you been able to test it.
What could be made better?
What do you like or dislike?
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+Public Circles Is there a way to find out the URL to my shared circle on your website so that people can add themselves to it? Also, how often is the number updated for my shared circle. The one I'm referencing is included in this post:
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Public Circles

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Compare two public circles

_it is a new feature of +Public Circles _
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Share Pete's post!
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Public Circles

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This is a great circle to follow created by +Jaana Nyström
Not only people, but also lots of useful pages are included in this circle.
Thanks for having us included.
From now on you find a Daily Circle Snapshot of this great circle here:
Hope you like it

Some impressive numbers about this circle:

Google+ Pages and interesting people Daily Circle on 07. Mar. 2012
Circle has 241 members -- published 2012-03-07 with 162 participants and 853 postings
Statistiks for 2012-03-07 -- *9320 comments 7213 reshares and 19357 +1's+
#circleshare #googleplustip #googleplustips #jaanatip

Google+ Pages and interesting people

Take a look at the people inside:

Get started / Newbie or Goobie circle!
Here I have combined my Google+ Goodness circle with some great G+ Pages and more people:
If you know of more useful Pages to add, give me a shout in the comments! :-)
In this Circle:
Add people
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16 comments  Send you an invitation to access!
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Public Circles

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Found a great resume about Daily Circles created by +Jeff Jockisch

Thanks for providing the insight.
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How do you create a circle? ??
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Public Circles

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Some more updates - better image resolution on the Daily Circles and fixed some bugs for larger Circles.
The list of Daily Circles, that are published everyday are now shown off in more than one page. That way, they are easier to discover - I think.
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Public Circles Database

One of the main requested features on Google Plus was the feature to share a circle to friends or the public. Since it has been released, lots and lots of circles are created and shared by Plussers. 

Public Circles Database brings you a database of public shared circles, that you can use to search for interesting people and pages you can follow.

If you want to make sure, your shared circles are included in the Public Circles Database, please use hashtags and include the hashtag #PublicCircles.

New feature: add circles

Now you can add public shared circles by adding the URL of the post with the shared circle with the addcircles function.

New feature: check in which circles you are

Want to know, if you are in any public circles, use incircles function with your Google id.

New feature: Daily Circles for some public circles

We are generating a magazine like snapshot of the previous day for some public shared circles. We want to open this up in the future, but are still working on this feature. All data that is shown still belongs to the publishers on Google+.
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