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Sky Sunday - Photography Theme
Page for the #SkySunday Photography Theme
Page for the #SkySunday Photography Theme


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Amazing photo by +linda stokes  Great composition and rich colors.  Hard to believe this is a phone pic.

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Amazing cityscape and great sky!
For #SunsetSaturday my contribution departs from my normal landscape work in favor of a cityscape shot from my old home town of Minneapolis, MN. This shot of the Minneapolis skyline from the Stone Arch Bridge was taken below one of the wildest sunset skies I've ever witnessed. "Minnesota Nice" was actually in full force that evening as there were at least a dozen or more other joggers, walkers, bikers, etc. that stayed behind me until I got my shot. You don't see that in a big city too often!

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Very well done!
Sharing my post for #sacredsunday I feel very happy joining the team of +Charles Lupica +Manfred Berndtgen and +Bill Wood. It is so easy to find special and sacred moments in nature, if we just take the time to stop and look around us.

I thought this might also fit the theme for #skysunday curated by +Randy Scherkenbach and +Patrick Scherkenbach

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Amazing colors! Thanks for participating in #SkySunday
Just a Slice
This is a slice of the same sky from a little while back when I was putting my new boots into a puddle for +Selfy Sunday ( ).

#SkySunday curators +Randy Scherkenbach and +Patrick Scherkenbach
#PurpleCircle by +lynn langmade +Alexis Coram +Sinead Sam McKeown & myself.

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Great shot, worth the effort! Thanks for participating in #SkySunday
Happy Mothers Day everyone.

I took this yesterday while standing in the St. Patrick's Day parade as we waited for everyone to assemble. We got absolutely soaked to the bone when the dark heavy sky unloaded hail stone down upon us. The downpour didn't dampen our spirits as we celebrated St. Patrick and being Irish.

+Sky Sunday - Photography Theme
+Zen Sunday #ZenSunday curated by +Charlotte Therese Björnström +Simon Kitcher +Nathan Wirth
#SundaySubtleLandscapes curated by +Steve Sieren

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Great iPhone sunset. Thanks for participating in #SkySunday. Also please note the new curators +Randy Scherkenbach and +Patrick Scherkenbach
+Sky Sunday - Photography Theme by +Simone Linke
Sunset March 18 2012
It was a fast sunset today, I guess that means I have to accept that summer is over!
iPhone 4 ~ edited Picasa

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Very nice. Thanks for participating in #SkySunday
Heavenly Sunset~ I was looking through my sunsets and this one I took a month ago struck me today and I did not want to touch it with any processing ... I took this one from up the hill from my house...
For: #SkySunday
Curators: +Patrick Scherkenbach & +Randy Scherkenbach
For: #SunSunday Curator: +Shauna Dominguez
For: #SOOCSunday Curator: +John Kosmopoulos

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"The Calm Along The Storm"
Washington County, Colorado
As a day of storm chasing was coming to end (yeah, not about to night chase, no thank you) we witnessed an amazing display of light watching a severe supercell thunderstorm against the setting sun. The storm had been tornado warned and we were watching it move to the north towards Sterling, Colorado when everything just happened. An incredible orange glow with lightning around us and thunder. It just goes to show that even when mother nature is at her most furious that there is still beauty to be found in it....

#skysunday curated by +Randy Scherkenbach & +Patrick Scherkenbach
#Colorado #stormysunday #landscape #landscapephotography #nature #naturephotography #sky #weather #cowx #hdr #hdrphotography #hdrphotographers

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Nice colors, great airplane window shot! Thanks for participating in #SkySunday
Sunset over Colorado

For +From The Air Friday # Page curated by +Andrew Vaughan Smith
+Sky Sunday - Photography Theme curated by +Randy Scherkenbach +Patrick Scherkenbach
+Sun Sunday curated by +Shauna Dominguez

#sunsetsaturday #sunsetsunday #sunsetphotography #fromtheairfriday

#skysunday #sunsunday #southwestairlines
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