A Designer's Pied-à-terre

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Don't think of them as templates, think of them as a house you can't wait to put your stuff in.

WPZoom (aside from beautiful designer and vistor experience, great support)
WebTreats (everyone like treats)

Just install these WP plugins right off the bat.

Add From Server (for deep media content)
Black Studio TinyMCE Widget (for the designer that's a bit offended by templates)
Exclude Pages from Navigation (sometimes embedded in themes, sometimes not)
MP3-jPlayer (fully customizable, it's already solved all your audio problems)
NextGEN Gallery (don't even bother trying to use anything else)
Social Media Widget (again, don't waste your time with punk knock-offs)
Visual Form Builder (if you don't already get-it, you wouldn't understand so just take my word for it)

If your a budding graphics geek or just like playing around with cool things throw some money into this hat and have endless amounts of fun


Hi All,

As most of you know I've got my thumbs in alot of pies. Recently however I've been heavily engrossed with WordPress. A little background first: I started in graphic arts and media arts in high school. I went on to do other things in college but returned to commercial art as a glass designer, graphic artist, photo retoucher, photo assistant/producer etc. As many of you know strong career goals tend to snowball into a very broad outlook and aptitude for alot of things. My youth as a musician has contributed to my attention to sound design and engineering, ex cetera, ex cetera, I could go on about this for days but will spare you the bragging.

Through all of this web design has been something I've been cautious about because my first introductions to broadcast graphic media were 15 years ago with a very complex pre-Flash program called Director (originally made by the pioneering Macromedia and since assumed by Adobe). At the time I was working on developing an IT media product and was neck deep in every step and advent of the internet's progression. I've never been afraid to learn new things that would enhance the experiences of my life so I know how to do a great many things pretty well. But being fluent in Director and Flash was not in the cards while I was trying to run one company and get another off the ground, so I curbed my ambitions as a site designer.

Myspace hit the scene and I saw the signs. Facebook started building steam and I resented how those same signs were trying to sprout legs and turn communication into a catwalk. So I began site design to hold firmly onto the reigns of my identity and digital footprint; first with Adobe GoLive, then Dreamweaver and some Flash along the way. Illustrator, Photoshop, Avid, Quark, Freehand and SoundEdit were all a part of this process and InDeign, Audition, Acrobat, Lightroom, Bridge, Fetch, Google Chrome, the list goes on and on, have all joined in the fun. Since those modest beginings I have become the reluctant site designer and with WordPress have grown to love every minute of it.

Don't get me wrong, I still love hand crafting every nook and cranny of a site, graphics, copy and mixed media – I love cooking from scratch. But I've learned to appreciate how much help having a broad perspective on dynamic goals can be. The list of credits at the top of this article are the cream of the crop. I've scoured through hundreds of extensions and theme developers. Testing and re-testing, rooting around through code, file structure, resources, graphic assets, customer support forums and WordPress forums.

Of course there are all sorts of ways to approach goals and the obstacles of their achievement, and I'm sure some of you haters will piss on this affirmation of quality just as a matter of your course. If you were truly mature, reasonable and open-minded you'd be able to accept a perspective without being offended by the possibility of it casting a shadow on your synthetic ego. However I believe these product designers deserve credit for going the extra step to contribute to something in a very productive way. So thank you, I hope to afford cash contributions to your endeavors in the immediate future.


Geoffrey Lee
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