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Busy November (Imported Blog 4 ca. 2004)
November was filled with long weekends. First, there was All Saints' Day which fell on a Monday. Next was the end of Ramadan, on the 15th, another Monday. Finally, GMA decided to move the public holiday commemorating Andres Bonifacio to the 29th instead of ...

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Imported Blog 3
Jimmy Jokes Whenever a bad joke is offered at work, everyone cries "Jimmy joke". I resent that of course. The implication that all I ever serve up lack humor is completely false. Come to think of it, probably it's just that nobody ever appreciates puns, of ...

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Imported Blog 2 (ca 2004)
Miguel before school One of the school requirements for registration was the completion of a questionnaire that asked us to describe our child, a task my wife let me accomplish. When I gave my answers to my wife for editing, she became teary-eyed saying tha...

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Imported Blog 1 (ca. 2001)
Nobody told me that fatherhood will be such a thrill. As a single person, one rarely projects himself as a parent, so what a pleasant surprise fatherhood has been. And continues to be. I hope that I never outgrow this mindset. What follows is a letter addre...

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