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Rion Paige
I've seen more than most should. Still here, though.
I've seen more than most should. Still here, though.

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Digital Marketing
            From the
onset of the class, I was expecting a repeat of Principles of Digital Marketing
from my time in the undergrad business program. Maybe a little bit of Digital
Literacy sprinkled in for continuity’s sake. To my relief, I was wrong. The

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The Knife and the Maul
Anyone who aspires to conduct business in a
professional setting will eventually learn the importance of having the right
resources available for a job. Seasoned recording artists may enlist the
services of a certain producer based on the message he sends i...

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Live Events and Live Streaming
            Since the
launch of iTunes in 2003, there have been a number of boding occurrences
throughout the entertainment industry, suggesting a massive swing in
operational momentum. We’re far removed from the days in which artists had to
format their co...

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Industry Liability
The practice of protecting the
company from legal recourse over unknown occurrences is an essential activity
associated with running a business in the entertainment industry. As the demand
for services associated with the live events sector continue to rise...

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This month, in Live From Orlando...
            Being a
event coordinator by trade, you lose some basic appreciation for things that
the general populace notice in terms of the experience of attending a live
event. Or is it the other way around? Since asking myself that question, I’ve

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Business Storytellers: John Hunter and the World Peace Game
John Hunter’s TED Talk on the World
Peace Game is essentially a blueprint for the next evolutionary step in grade
school education. The concept of the game is simple, for it is how the world
works. However, Mr. Hunter has designed the curriculum in such a w...

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Olympics in Bean Town, anyone?
It has been decided that the candidate site to be submitted for
the 2024 Olympic Games will be Boston, MA, according to reports published by
the Boston Globe this Thursday (Arsenault, 2015). This decision raises a number
of concerns among the international ...

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Alexis Ohanian: How to make a splash in social media
            During his
TED talk at TEDIndia in 2009, co-founder Alexis Ohanian highlighted
a number of empowering truths about the today’s internet. He also talked about
how emerging professionals can enact social change through social media. The...
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