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OMG - they really let the clothes overshadow the event - and not only the public, but scientists as well? What is this species coming to? I shudder to think.  :>O<:
If you have been in a cave in Tibet for the last week you probably missed the Rosetta probe landing on a comet.  It is a huge achievement for the team from the European Space Agency and the result of 10 years of hard work and development from many people. What a shame that it …
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Birdy Diamond

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Birdy Diamond

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I suspect there is dairy involved here. :>O<: Brings new meaning to the Term 'Milk Bar'! :D :>O<: 
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Birdy Diamond

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It's all about changing your purr-spective! :>O<: 
Too Cool. (I love the comment, "Clearly, you don't love cats enough."
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Birdy Diamond

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Birdy Diamond

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Another PostCard for "Following the Egret". :>O<: 
Great Egret
Alibag, Maharashtra, India
16 March 2014
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Birdy Diamond

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Just transferred some name and VERY pleased with the results! More tech-side companies should take note! :-) :>O<:
The Best Domain Name Registrar when it comes to Customer Service. Learn why over 800,000 customers trust us with a total of over 3,000,000 domains.
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Birdy Diamond

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More beauty + wisdom from Susan T. Blake, this time on Connection and the beauty it can bring to our lives. :>O<:
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Birdy Diamond

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We live in a Wondrous World. :>O<: 
Macaques keeping warm in a natural hot spring.
The Japanese Macaque has been observed exhibiting many unusual behaviours such as rolling snowballs for fun and cleaning their food in rivers and ponds.
#macaque   #hotsprings   #japan  
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Birdy Diamond

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Clever Casper-Cat! :>O<: 
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Who is saying pets aren't people? ;-)
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Birdy Diamond

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Looking outward - v. kyool! :>O<: Looking forward to the piccys and the discoveries. :>O<: 
The Thirty Meter Telescope will be able to peer to edge of known universe. The project — spearheaded by UC and the California Institute of Technology since 2003 — will be built and run by a consortium of universities and scientific organizations from Canada, China, India and Japan. #astronomy   #space   #stars  
The University of California is on a mission to revolutionize humankind's understanding of the cosmos, by building the world's most powerful telescope. That epic quest took a big step forward Thursday when the Board of Regents approved UC's financial participation in the development and ...
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Birdy Diamond

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Beauty + Mystery runs rampant in the Moon. :>O<: 
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Connecting the threads as I go, I see things in new & different ways. With that information, I weave the web of my life, translating that into a larger picture for the World.

I am also known to Encourage at the drop of anything even VAGUELY resembling a cue! :-D
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