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Margaret Meade was right!
Margaret Meade was right!


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RT cybils: #KidLit bloggers: the 2016 #Cybils logo by Sarah J. Stevenson is now available for download. Show your cybils pride! via Mention

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Are gifted kids more sensitive to screen violence?

The impact of recent events on children.

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Lots of interesting, thoughtful, and helpful content to digest in Naomi Baron's article Do students lose depth in digital reading? [Ironically read on a screen.]
#literacy #digitalliteracy #learning

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Separating the readers who "follow you" from the ones who actually buy your book. Good insight you can use for tweaking your #authormarketing strategy.

Who Are Your Readers? And How Do You Find Them?

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"When we design for disability first, you often stumble upon solutions that are better than those when we design for the norm."

An uplifting, positive #TEDtalk with Elise Roy

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Sabrina Ricci parses the journey of four best-selling books then puts them back together as key insights you can use for your own books.

What Makes a Book Successful? A Case Study of 4 Bestselling Books

#goodreads #indieauthors #selfpublishing

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There is a new "it" thing nearly every day. Blab is one of those things.

Rather than letting hype dictate presence, read this article and see if Blab fits your strategy.

Book Marketing: How, Why and When to Use Blab – and What is Blab, Anyway? via Indie Authors Alliance

#BookMarketing #socialmedia

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Interesting and worthy read ... Shonda Rhimes, raises an interesting point, and I'll pose it as a question:

Is the goal of #WNDB and similar campaigns about pointing out something rare or special, or is it about ensuring that our entertainment reflects like the world we live in?

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Spotted in Publisher's Weekly: Want to Succeed in Self-Publishing? Never Stop Editing: Tips from an Indie Author. via Publisher's Weekly

As a reviewer, I can attest to the importance of editing AND a professional book cover. Quality editing speakds for itself, but I there have been so many books where I love the story but no one will pick it up because of the cover.
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