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If your link building isn't a creative process you're doing it wrong.
If your link building isn't a creative process you're doing it wrong.

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Check out this survey that +Don Sturgill conducted on the perception of guest blogging 6 months later. It surveyed MyBlogU members so the responses might be a bit one sided, but there are some good insight/opinions in there.

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Caught about 10 bluegills and a small mouth during my lunch break at +Page One Power  --   #tenkara   #flyfishing  

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A very expansive #linkbuilding  resource list. Definitely worth the bookmark for any stage of link building. 
Linkarati’s Link Building Resources

Hey everybody, we put together this giant link building resource page over on +Linkarati  and I wanted to share it with the community.

Please feel free to check it out and provide us with any feedback or suggestions you may have! 


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One of my favorite SEOs/marketers (+Eric Enge) is doing an AMA over at /r/bigseo/ - here's the link so you don't have to open everything to find it:
Reminder: Join my Reddit AMA at 10 AM ET (Boston time) today!

Come by and ask me anything!  Suggestions for topics include:

1. SEO
2. Content Marketing
3. Google
4. Social Media
5. Foosball
6. Fitness
7. Fine wine
8. Health and nutrition
9. The meaning of life (hell if I know, oh, wait, that one is answered now)
10. Whatever else - I'll tell you if I have no clue, or opionion

Here is the link:

I hope to see you there!

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My friends over at the Linkarati blog put together this great timeline about Google's manual penalties against big brand names.

I remember most of these thanks to the FUD that it always stirs up, but I had no idea that BMW got slammed for cloaking. 

Check it out!
ICYMI: Google Manual Penalties Against Brand Names: A Timeline

Check out the timeline of Google manual penalties we put together over on +Linkarati 

#googlepenalties   #manualpenalty  

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Did a quick search of "croatia" do double check my spelling (that's what Google is for right?) - and was surprised by the huge knowledge graph display for the #fifaworldcup  / match information. Google's get pretty good at this live knowledge graph thing and knowing what users are looking for. 

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Great resource for email outreaching and how it applies to Link Building, SEO, and Internet marketing. Compiled by +Andrew Dennis 
+Andrew Dennis put together this giant list of curated resources for outreach. This guide features the best content on the web related to outreach, including tools, best practices, templates, scalability, philosophy, etc. 

And if you have suggestions or feedback, we'd love to hear it!

Hope you all enjoy.

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I won the ultra-prestigious Wednesday Caption Contest  in the Link Builders community(  #nbd     #linkbuilding    #oscars  
The winner of our caption contest is +Thomas McMahon! Way to compare two Oscar winners to a blog comment link. Many kudos.  

Hope you all had fun again this week! I'll admit this one was harder, so I'll make next week's a little bit easier. Maybe Rand Fishkin will get caught in a Samsung product placement scam; who knows! Thanks for participating everyone!  

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Please help by donating and/or sharing this link along! Read more for details.

My friend, Lauren, just underwent emergency open heart surgery to replace a heart valve. As you can see from the photo, she's recovering well and is in great spirits as is usual for Lauren. -

The downside is that operations like this are expensive, even with health insurance. To help Lauren from sliding too far into debt from a life saving operation, some good friends started up this  #YouCaring  donation page with a goal of $10,000 - and we've already raised over $1,500 in only two days. 

We'd really appreciate the help of keeping the momentum up, and if you could donate any amount (even just a dollar, it adds up!) and/or just sharing this post/link with your circles and other social media accounts Lauren would truly appreciate it. 


#donate   #boise  
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