I maintain two blogs - one relating to travel and another about my foodie indulgences while travelling, and obviously I've been busy with them both now they're popular and I've not been chatting in my circles so much.

Brandbuilders are a name you will need to know if you have a lifestyle blog of any kind, that you want to use for passive income. They're responsible for my social absence - because I've had a huge surge in blog interest as a direct result of buying their social growth services.

I found out about Brandbuilders a few months ago when some of you will remember me asking what I could do to get more traffic on my travel blog in particular. One of my fellow bloggers said they were worth using.

I used their free trial on my social medias that link to the foodie blog and got impressive results; my followers went from 286 to 611 on my instagram account, with around 85% of those new people following on to my actual blog. I made 3 sales of my Food Adventures book!

That was amazing to me so I signed up for service on both blogs. So that's why I've been quiet on here, but I know a lot of you also blog and would appreciate knowing about this. Brandbuilders are worth spending money on - its the equivalent of 2 or 3 coffees a week so not expensive for what you get :) I figure they did a better job finding the right followers than I was! Haha
Brandbuilders for Lifestyle Bloggers
Brandbuilders for Lifestyle Bloggers
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