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We’re looking for a new Director of Web Services.

Could you be a Director of Web Services?

Do you know someone who could be a Director of Web Services?

If you’re interested in a role with Raspberry Pi as Director of Web Services and would love to join us a Pi Towers, Cambridge, please check out the details below.

And please do share it… for sharing is caring and you could make someones day by introducing them to the role of a lifetime.

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Compare with the largest single Git repository...

This is a fabulously detailed explanation of how the sausage is made at Google.

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Hidden inside the network protocol that powers the Internet is a system designed to fight a nuclear war, even if Washington were destroyed by a surprise Soviet attack. Today, it mostly powers cat videos.

This is the system of "precedence," the mechanism that lets the network know that some traffic is more urgent than others. While this may seem like a straightforward idea, the levels of the precedence system -- before the "great renaming" which gave them anodyne names like "AF4/1" -- have a very interesting history indeed.

The first four levels came from US Army standards developed during the Korean War: "routine," "priority," "immediate," and "flash." (With flash priority being for messages that had to be sent in real time -- like "messages recalling or diverting friendly aircraft about to bomb targets unexpectedly occupied by friendly forces," which I think you'll agree is something you want people to know about quickly so they'll STOP SHOOTING AT YOU)

The fifth level, "flash override," was developed in the late 1950's -- a special precedence level which only the President and Secretary of Defense (or their deputies, if they were killed) were allowed to use, intended to let them override all other traffic and give the orders to end the world.

On top of this is a sixth level, "CRITIC/ECP." This level was almost entirely forgotten: it was introduced between 1958 and 1963, and then promptly ignored by every generation of documentation afterwards. It remained not quite secret, but never really discussed; a drastic highest priority never used, until mathematical necessity forced its introduction into the Internet Protocol./

The story below is a dive into the rabbit-hole of Cold War planning: how the system designed in secret for the Air Force ultimately ended up powering realtime games and video chat.

The next time you’re streaming an old X-Files episode on Netflix that you’re actually using a mechanism designed to ensure that nuclear war could be reliably fought, even if it had to be done from a modified Boeing 707 after Washington was destroyed. The truth, in this case, is in there.

(Footnote for interested readers: This is, I believe, the first time the entire story, from the military side through to the network side, has been in one place. Many thanks to +Lauren Weinstein, among others, for helping me trace the various threads that led to this.)

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I am giving away two Steam keys for Overture, a nice little rogue-like game from +Black Shell Media. First come, first serve! 


Please be so kind to let other people know in the comments, if you've used one of the keys. Thanks! :-)

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I love working with Ghost (as an alternative to other blogging tools or CMS like Wordpress). It's super fast, easy to use and their revenue dashboard is a very nice way to really deliver transparency and not just talk about it!
Today we're releasing our very own public revenue dashboard - see every transaction we do, live as it happens. Oh also we're now up to $411k in annual recurring revenue and growing!

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Google Contacts is getting a facelift! What a surprise! I always thought Google forgot about the fact, that they have a contacts management tool. :-)
Here it is, the new Google Contacts preview!  The team and I are thrilled to release it today. 

Take a look and tell us what you think!

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I am not even an architect, and I'd love to see all of those places.

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+2GB free storage for your personal Google Drive account, and you are also doing something for security. Yay!
Special offer from Google today: run a 2-minute security check on your account (which is really a good idea anyway) and get a free 2GB of Drive storage space. If your Google account matters to you -- your GMail, YouTube, Google+, Drive, and so on -- this is something worth running every few months.

And after you do that, go enable 2-step verification. ( It's the single best thing you can do to protect your account from being compromised. 

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Still need a OnePlus One? Got another invite.
First come, first serve. :-)

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I've got an invite code for the 64GB version of the OnePlus One. The new flagship killer (OnePlus Two) will probably be released soon, but anyone who still needs the One, this is your chance.

I've been using the OPO myself for 3 month and personally I think it's the best Android phone I've ever used, especially if you consider the price below $300.

Just leave a message here and I will send you the link to the invite. (Once activated you have 24 hours to order)
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