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dream log :: wolf 16, '16 (white loto moon)

intense futuristic dreams once again. i can't remember much, but there were all kinds of spacecraft and flashing stars. i was on the ground looking up at the sky from some home, and then i was in some kind of vehicle talking to charlie (in the yukon) on the phone and asking him if he could also see an extremely bright planet. that was when a weird spacecraft came flying by which had a cylinder-front and was towing some kind of spacecraft in the back.

this dream also had flying cars, which i also saw in a dream a few nights ago. i distinctly remember a bmw with propellers that made it fly like a drone.

i wish i could remember more. holy sci-fi, batman! 

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dream log :: otter 8, '15 (red kumiho moon)

i was visiting dad on some futuristic, semi-rural island (not salt spring island).  he was living alone and he had called a taxi so we can catch a ferry.   i can't remember what his home looked like, but the taxi was a big spacious bus-limo type vehicle, shiny, black and futuristic.  the driver was a somali or ethiopean refugee type. 

pretty soon we were on our way, and since dad was tired, he was lying down near the front of the bus-taxi.   i noticed we were going really really fast, creating massive g-forces any time we went around a bend.   then i noticed the driver was sitting in the back, playing on his tablet.   at first i thought he was driving the bus using his tablet, but then i noticed he was just goofing off playing some stupid tablet game.

"is this bus driving itself?!" i asked.

"yes, it's all automatic." he responded

"what the fuck?!"  i freaked out.  "you can't just trust technology like that.  you need to sit in the driver's seat, even if the bus is driving itself.   isn't that what you're paid for?!  how do you know the maps are accurate?   technology is not perfect.  and what if it gets hacked?!"

he just stared at me blankly.   but just as i was railing off on him, sure enough the bus drove right through a serious of front-yards, destroying fences and plants because the mapping system was a little off.

"see?! thats what i mean!!!" i screamed. 

so then he quickly scrambled in to the drivers seat and luckilly the bus was so strong and sturdy, it took no damage from having driven right through a few gardens at crazy high speeds. 

surprisingly, dad was so tired he slept right through all this.  but then he got up, and reminded me that we needed to make the ferry.  i said i really needed to pee.  the driver also needed to pee, and informed us there was a mall just before the ferries where we could take a pee break. 

we left dad in the car when we reached this mall, which was actually a futuristic multi-story shopping-mall-hotel-amusement-park, all in one.  i was following the driver, but then lost track of him in the lobby.  he was headed up the escalator, last i saw him.  so i went upstairs, where there was a series of cashier-counters.  i went up to one of them and asked them where the washroom was.   she told me they were just behind the elevators nearby.

i went around the elevator and was surprised to see everyone lining up at just one door.  co-ed washrooms!   it didn't take long for me to get inside, where it was actually a very nice, spatious co-ed washroom and fitness facility, all in one.  to my left, there was a series of toilets, all open air, strangely enough.  to the right, was a urinating wall with waterfall that went in to a stream.  it didn't take me long to get over my social discomfort of having girls in there.  i had to pee real bad, so i really didn't care.  i started taking a piss at the artificial waterfall, and noticed they had constructed a kiddy type colourful structure right in to it at the far left side of it, so little boys could be happy taking a piss.

when i was done, i came out through a different exit and ended up in the amusement park area.   i was right in the middle of some rides, and had to figure out how to navigate through these rides.  it was almost like being in a platformer video game.  i was getting stressed, cuz i knew we had to make this ferry.  just as i crossed one of the crazy rides, i then woke up.

dream log :: goat 28, '15 (black valkyrie moon)

i was alone with nayoki on a hot summer day in some kind of fancy villa on salt spring island.  it had its own private beach, next to where there was a guest house that we had rented out to a family who had gone in to town for the day.  nayoki and i decided it was a perfect day to check out the beach.  when we got there, i took off my shirt and jumped in to the water.  i told nayoki to wait until i made sure it was safe.  underwater, i saw some lionfish (poisonous spiky fish, usually found in tropical waters).  i told nayoki she could not come deeper in to the water because of the lionfish, but she could wade and splash around in the shallow areas.  so she did.

after a while we got hungry, but we were too lazy to back to the house so we decided to sneak in to the guest house and check out the fridge which was usually stocked for our guests.  there was all kinds of leftover food in the living room.  we snuck in some stale fries and then checked out the kitchen.  the fridge was filled with all kinds of food.  just as we were deciding what to eat, the family of four came home.  there was a mom, dad and two boys.  they were surprised to see us!

i explained i just wanted to check the food stock in the fridge, and hoped they were enjoying their stay.  they eased out and got over their surprise.  they introduced their boys to nayoki.  the younger boy was carrying a strange animal in his arms, which was obviously attached to him like a pet.  it was a giant shrimp!  it didn't have all the antaenna, but otherwise it was a full-on massive shrimp cuddled up in the boys arms.  i was amazed, and so was nayoki.  it had silvery-blue scaled on its sides, with usual greyish spots on the tail, and lots of legs.  it was nuzzling up close to the boy.

the parents explained he had picked it up from one of the stores in ganges, and now they were inseparable.  i was pretty dumbfounded.  then i woke up.

dream log :: snake 22, '15 (silver phoenix moon)

i was leaving a cottage on the island to go to a party at farmhouse.   there were a handful of people there, and this 5-year-old girl tugs at my shirt and says she wants to come along.  i got the sense she was not happy with her family, so i said sure.  she was not my daughter - she was white, with blonde hair.  she was holding my hand as we were walking down towards my car through some tall grass.  she was clutching it tightly, and seemed afraid something was following her.  just as we were almost at my car, the door of the farmhouse started getting jolted by some loud bangs.  something or someone was banging it from the inside, trying to get out.  i have no idea why it was locked, but soon enough we were in the car on our way to this party.

the party was at a large farmhouse.  we pulled up and parked near the main entrance.  there was a bonfire going on the other side, and a small group of people had gathered there.   we were quite early, so not so many people were there.  it was already dark though. 

suddenly, a big shiny vintage american car comes rolling down the driveway and stops just in front of the crowd gathered by the fire.  everyone is startled by the sudden appearance of the strange car.  nobody says a word because the group is in shock.  the driver of the car is not human.  he is some kind of tall-grey, bald-headed with squinty jet-black eyes.  he is staring right at me, with an angry scowl.  he seems pissed.  the party group is paralyzed with fear. 

i take a couple of steps forward, and yell: "YOU DO NOT HAVE MY PERMISSION TO BE HERE.  LEAVE NOW, WE DO NOT CONSENT TO THIS INCURSION."  his scowl grows nastier, but then he puts the car in reverse and drives out of there. 

then i wake up. 

:: :: ::

SPECIAL NOTE: this dream happened on a friday morning.  later that day (friday night), i actually went to a party on salt spring island at a farmhouse where the setting was EXACTLY the same as this dream.   same farmhouse, bonfire with people towards the left, driveway leading up to the farm, with the same slight curve - this was phoenix farm, and it was the first time i had ever been to a party there.  

dream log :: salmon.17 15 (red mamiwata moon)

i was in some strange city in a crowded urban neighborhood.  i was supposed to be visiting maciek's parents - who lived in separate apartments.   for some reason i felt like i was in india, brazil or some other tropical country.  it was a crowded street of apartments, and the one i had to go to had the main door locked.   so i decided to get in through the back, but somehow ended up on the roof, descending down like on a really thin rope.   i was descending down in to the courtyard, and thought i could get in that way.  

i finally got down, but the courtyard had high-fencing all around, and the backdoor was closed.   so i climbed back up the rope to get to the apartment i needed to.    i wasn't sure if i was in the right unit, but the balcony sliding door was open and i let myself in.

suddenly i hear a beep and i realize that this place has an alarm system.   i try to be as light-footed as possible, and then back my way out slowly to the balcony.   that's when i woke up. 
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