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Brain Training Apps - playing a different game each day - hack
Brain training apps like lumosity have been gaining momentum. I did a small personal study a while ago and found that the only thing I improved was my game scores for just those apps. It also turns out my biggest improvement happens in the first few session...

Aviate souds exiting. Can someone invite me? Please.

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Tagcloud of my Saved for Later Feedly's exported to evernote via IFTTT hack
How I did It Hook up Feedly to Evernote via IFTT Use Evernote's copy "Note Link" feature Paste into a new evernote note remove formating Paste into aging analysis android announces api app apple arduino art awesome bad benefits best better body...

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What not to keep in evernote?
I've got a love-hate relationship with Evernote.  Tried throwing everything inside it  for a while and it seemed to work when I first started a few years ago. Now I found "search" has become less useful. It just returns too many results.  Finding things is ...

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Is Meige syndrome Caffeine related?
I've been experimenting with alternating between Caffeine and decaffeinated or Caffeine free products over days, weeks and months. Similar to a lent or fasting.     I noticed that when I was Caffeine free  for a few days, I had less  blepharospasm symptoms....

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At the edge of caffeine withdraw - Part 2
Since my original post, I'm still experimenting with modulating between using regular coffee and caffeine free alternatives to optimize my levels of alertness and sleep.   My newest ritual is being caffeine free  starting Thursday  and ending Saturday.  I f...

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Titrating pain rethought
A couple of years ago. I had chronic neck and shoulder pain. A few things seemed to work in terms of instant pain management but overall I was stuck with serve pain.  The pain lasted over two years.  Now the pain is gone but I still feel discomfort. More th...

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#ifihadglass I'd capture my babies first words!


I'm a Data Architect for Rogers Communication in Toronto, Canada. I'm a big fan of DIY & making. Definitely a fan of  Arduino, and Raspberry Pi.
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