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Promising Practices
Walking into
Donovan Dining Center, I really did not know what to the Promising Practices Conference had in store for me. Truthfully, I was almost intimidated to be at the workshops because I
was not exactly experienced in STEM education. After going to bot...

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Empowering Education- Ira Shor
After reading the excerpt from “Empowering Education” by Ira
Shor, I understand why this piece was chosen to discuss on our final blog post.
From start to finish, I was able to connections to almost every reading we have
done. I found that some of Shor’s ma...

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Citizenship in School: Reconceptualizing Down Syndrome
Last week we focused on how segregation is still
present in our schools due to social classes. This week we have moved to
another way students are segregated in classrooms- disabilities. Students that
are not able bodied or fall under categories in S.C.W.A....

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Literacy with an Attitude- Extended Comments
After reading “Literacy with an
Attitude” and making my own ideas about the text, I found that Jessica’s blog really related to my own thoughts. In this week’s blog post, I will discuss
points from Jessica’s blog that I found really valid.   Patrick Finn’s ...

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Brown V. Board of Education in the Present Day
When the Civil War came to an end, African Americans finally
believed that they would be able to have a place in society.   They believed that the end of slavery who
lead to the beginning of their civil rights. The 13 th , 14 th ,
and 15 th Reconstruction A...

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"The Silenced Dialogue" Revisted
“They want to ensure that the school provides their children with
discourse patterns, interactional styles, and spoken and written language codes
that will allow them success in the larger society” (29)  School
is initially designed to suit children that ar...

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In the Service of What?- Joseph Kahne and Joel Westheimer
Growing up in a city that is based upon “townie pride”, I have
been very familiar with service learning.   From elementary school all the way to high school, my education has
always revolved around giving back to the community.   Service learning is effecti...

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Unlearning the Myths That Bind Us
Growing up I always loved to watch Disney movies.  I was an extreme girly girl (I still am,
despite having two older brothers) so I loved to watch the princess
movies.  I always had a strong liking to The
Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast. 
Why did I ...

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A "Safe Space" to Reflect
Schools are all about designing an atmosphere that promotes
student learning.  Any teacher would
vouch that there needs to be a comfortable relationship between the student and
the teacher as well as their peers. To create a “safe space”, the classroom need...
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