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A large edit of my sunday morning sales work, including some NEW WORK! is featured on +Fraction today.

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" Wedding photography is some of the most difficult work I do and is almost a perfect training ground for my personal work."

Statement members +Robert Ormerod and +James Dodd have been photographing weddings as a way to help support their personal work for a couple of years now.

they've put some of their thoughts on photographing the big day's on our site:

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We've featured some of Russ' Japan tour photos on the site today.

And spoke with fellow member +James Dodd about them:

"You could see whilst he was out on jobs that Russ' mind was split over his two loves, taking photographs and drumming. He'd begin tapping rhythms on anything and with anything, occasionally driving you a little insane in the process. I have fond memories of this from a road trip to belgium we made 3 years ago today.

It never really came as that much of a surprise when Russ sold on his camera gear, packed up his gig with an agency and went full time with the band. They seemed like they were going places. They were getting a good bit of airplay on the radio and it seemed the right move as he would always be able to come back to photography, where music seemed more of a young mans game.

He continued his interest in photography through documenting the band. He was using an Olympus XA that I gave him and with film I supplied him with after his own camera kicked the bucket. But even tho the band was heading in the right direction money is a different matter and you could sense that he was hesitant to spend a lot of money on the film process which was an ever spiralling cost as labs closed down left right and centre in the city.

His work now is different to that which he was shooting on film. You can sense there's more risks being taken, he's not worrying about the costs, he's experimenting with things and not afraid of failure as it has no real cost. He's having fun and I feel it's almost like he's found photography again through this new digital camera he's purchased. And fair play to him as I'm personally loving the results that he's coming up with.

I think it's interesting to say all of this and see how a new camera can sometimes invigorate your senses and give you a new lease of life, which goes against the constant hammering from people that it's not always about the gear.

And whilst it's true that it isn't always about the gear, sometimes it is. Sometimes it can be a limiting factor in being able to do what you need to do and I'm glad Russ has found this out and was able to remove it.

Here's to Russ two loves. I hope the relationship continues for years to come."
thoughts by +James Dodd, fellow Statement Member

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Statement member +James Dodd has recently embarked on a new project documenting his hometown Sheffield.

in a previous post on G+ he talked about photographing what you know

"I'm a firm believer in photographing what is close to you, what you are interested in and what you are knowledgable about (or at least have the desire to be knowledgeable about). Sheffield falls into all of these categories for me, but I've never really considered it as a subject before now...

"One thing I know, is that whilst I'm interested in the City, I don't really hold it dear to me like many others I know do. I didn't weep when the city's own twin towers fell and I couldn't care less about protecting so called city landmarks such as the park hill flats. These things never represented the place I called home for me, and never will do."
"Modern Sheffield, a flourishing industrial city with over half a million inhabitants and a world-wide reputation, still retains many of the essential characteristics of the small market town of about five thousand people from which it has grown in the space of two and a half centuries."

Hunt, 1956
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Still finding time to take photographs whilst on tour, here's a sneak peak at some upcoming work from Statement Images member +Russell Bates, who is currently on tour with his band The Crookes.

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