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Hey look! It's Neil Gaiman! :D

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News to no one: Harvard's Application is INTENSE

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Wow, this makes me think of +Rachel Vistein for some reason. I'm not sure how to react to this video.

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This past summer, a student was asked to leave his University for having vitiligo. Essentially, he was expelled unless he can be "cured" of the vitiligo. 

I've dealt with this level of stupidity my whole life and it infuriates me.

Examples of this kind of stupidity as I've encountered are numerous. I have been asked if I was severely burned as a child, if it's a contagious disease, if I was in a lab accident, and other more obscure questions. I had a religious leader tell me it was a mark of the devil on me when I was 11 years old (i.e. year 2000). Many individuals with vitiligo experience the same things. I had an old man with vitiligo tell me that I was very young to have it, and that he was sorry because I probably wouldn't live very long. He was a stranger at a bus stop.

While "cures" exist, they are often considered risky and require life long maintenance. Many treatments are geared toward adults that develop it during menopause or after a major illness. Some of the treatments are known to cause squamous cell dermal carcinomas.

So what are the options? "The ADA defines disability as a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits a major life activity; a record of such an impairment; or being regarded as having such an impairment." ( Many people/companies do not consider vitiligo a disability without documentation by a doctor stating that it is one, often for psychological reasons. Insurance companies consider treatments cosmetic at best.

So let me ask you: Do you think that it is okay to discriminate against someone because they look different? Assume this discrimination is not related to race, religion, sex, sexuality or country of origin. Also assume that this "difference" is not related to any disabilities the person may or may not have.

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Well Phrased.

Let's clear a few things up.

Guns did not cause this.  No reasonable restriction on the legal purchase of firearms is going to prevent a PhD student with no criminal record from purchasing a firearm.  This was not something done on a whim.  No reasonable waiting period would have prevented it.  Further curtailment of firearms rights will not make you safe from this.  If someone in the theater had a gun, they probably wouldn't have stopped this either.  Packing heat will not make you safe from this.

The secular humanist liberal media did not cause this: (and thanks to +peter k for that one).  Watching Fox News ill not make you safe from this.

Batman did not cause this.  As everyone knows, Batman will not use guns.  Boycotting DC comics will not make you safe from this.

What caused this is the fact that we have spent the last 30 years in this country allowing the standard of mental health care to slip into an abyss.  It should be fixed and is the one thing that might potentially have prevented this.  Even that, however, will not make you safe from this.

NOTHING will ever make you safe from the random action of a disturbed mind.  It is natural for us to say "We must do X" in response to a tragedy but that's wrong and wanting it to be right, acting as if it was right, can only lead to being less-well-prepared the next time something like this happens.  

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After going to Petroglyph national monument I can tell you... there's definitely some kind of acoustic sound being made by the wind and those rocks...
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