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Tristate's Premier Telecommunications Contractor


Welcome to media in the new with your have that choice. We now have the capability to design an antenna system that brings High Definition (1080p) Digital TV Reception into your home or office. Incorporating the latest UI integration methods makes for a beautifully seamless Channel Guide. Cut the cord and the dependency on your local cable provider in lieu of a viable cost cutting alternative to the high price of paid cable programming. We can now provide free over the air high definition TV reception in the Philadelphia broadcast markets. Free local programming coupled with the abundance of streaming options now available to consumers, gives us the ability to custom tailor only the content desired without the underutilized channel lineup most cable providers shove down your throat. The picture quality as well as the reliability of service are unparalleled to any offerings from the largest of these providers...even when the power goes out! Consumers will still be able to access their local programming for important news updates and weather reports. In a rebuilding economy where every dollar counts the choice is clear, no provider can compete with free.Given the number of streaming devices presently on the market, your content choices are endless. Pay only for the programming you want and free yourself of the bundled dilemma your local cable providers have used to shackle subscribers for years. The recent FCC mandates have forced Comcrap Corp. to release the stranglehold on sports programming. Its time to take back your freedom to choose...and cut the cord indefinitely. The initial setup costs are recouped after only 3-4 billing cycles under your present cable package and then its total freedom. Free local programming, no more monthly device charges and no more costly programming mandates. What choices will you make when your contract is up?
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