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Soy Truth: An article by Virginia Messina RD and Mark Messina PhD which looks at ALL the studies and answers the big questions about soy. I sent this link out in the recent newsletter and got back many responses from people who see GMO soy as the big threat. I agree. What's your experience with soy?
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Much information in this article.We eat a lot of soy products in any form .Misfortunately i´ve Problems with something like rheuma, and soy seems to have much purin(don´t know ,if this is the right expression in english.Does anybody have more information about this?I add an article above ,but sorry its from a german journal.
Thanks for thoughtful look at soy. Many people in the general population do not understand how studies work. Sample size, length of time, whether or not a study is epidemiological, double blind, etc., all effect the outcome of the study.

Who funds a study is another indicator. Some funded studies never see the light of day because there is conflict of interest with the source of funding. All of these factors must be considered when parsing the data and examining conclusions.
+Alexa Krueger And as the article pointed out, you can always find "scientific proof" to back up whatever claims you want to make. Or biblical proof if you want to go that route. I think when it comes to soy, you have to avoid paranoia, use common sense and trust your gut. This is what I see: The fact that soy is a traditional food in Asia, widely used for hundreds of years, that the soy bean is a bean nothing more or less - food!, that as with all foods, it's best to go for organic and non-gmo, and eat in moderation - don't try to live on tofu. As with other foods, there are people who tolerate soy well, and those who don't.
+anna jenniges I think I know what you mean - the same chemical that affects gout? Soy is very high protein, so that makes sense.
Moderate soy consumption seems better than the meat alternative. I'll take the risks.
I've eaten soy practically all my life and am healthy as a horse.
+Morgan Ellis this is very good to know.@all I´m vegetarian since childhood (now I´m 52)and breastfed 3 children 8 years in total.During pregnancy I had no lack of vitamin B12 or iron.but I was very carefully about what I ate .Last year I had a lack of folic acid-but I think this can happen to anybody.
For decades they told us,how healthy milk is,nowadays in USA there are 1 Million people with allergies against milk and its products (sorry I don´t have the link to this study at hand )
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