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Hoping to finally defeat the squash bugs!
Garden Pest Control : A-Z Guide To Control Them Naturally

Get you pests under control…naturally.
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Judith Kingsbury

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Served over quinoa! Which makes it all the more excellent. Rice would also be acceptable
Keep it cozy this Sunday with some Vegan Chickpea Gumbo for dinner
Recipe HERE: 

#glutenfree   #vegan   #dairyfree   #gumbo   #easyrecipe   #healthy   #vegetarian  
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I'm always on the lookout for great ways to eat okra. They are few and far between so far - can't wait to try this idea.
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Judith Kingsbury

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Soothing my soul :-)
Finally taking a break from blissful domesticity with a glass of Sauv Blanc and all the songs that take my soul to faraway places I'd like to return home from.

Santé, peeps. :)
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Today's Newsletter: Paleo Diet + Quinoa + Vegan = Cheat

This week I answer paleo questions: Why is paleo a trend? Who profits? Do low carb diets help diabetics? AND - Paleo Vegans???

Quinoa is considered O.K. as a paleo cheat because it’s a pseudo-grain. So vegans can go paleo and eat quinoa. Makes sense, right? 

We share 2 delicious quinoa recipes for your paleo cheats, PLUS a post on quinoa's global impact. #paleodiet #vegan #quinoarecipes  
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Thanks for sharing +Beth Baker :-)
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Vegan Thursday (it is?): Good perspective on fake meat & dairy. I agree that we do just fine without the fake stuff, but it's convenient and helps with the veg transition. What's your take on fake animal foods? 
#fakemeat   #fakecheese #vegan
Last week I asked if you guys had questions in regards of vegan diet... with a little persistence I got one: Why do we use fake stuff?  Like fake cheese, fake chicken, fake beef, fake cold cuts.... There are a few reasons for...
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More options the better. Let people choose. I tend to be more whole foods based but I will throw in some Field Roast sausages in a lasagna or a garden chik'n patty on a salad. Sometimes it's nice to have that familiarity. 
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Judith Kingsbury

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This can't be repeated loudly enough and often enough. Pass it on!
Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are detrimental to your overall health. Discover why these genetically modified foods are NOT safe to consume.
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Judith Kingsbury

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Served over quinoa! Which makes it all the more excellent. Rice would also be acceptable
Keep it cozy this Sunday with some Vegan Chickpea Gumbo for dinner
Recipe HERE: 

#glutenfree   #vegan   #dairyfree   #gumbo   #easyrecipe   #healthy   #vegetarian  
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Judith Kingsbury

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How to Make Sure You Never Miss the Best Stuff on Google+

This shot tutorial shows you how to add someone to what's commonly known as a Subscription circle

Basically, Google+ allows you to turn on notifications for your circles so that every time someone in that circle posts something, you get a notification either via email (dependent on your email settings) and under the bell icon as a notification. 

This allows you to keep special tabs on the people who provide the most value or are the most interesting on Google+. People you don't want to miss anything from. 

As you can see in the attached image, it's pretty easy:

1. Hover your pointer over the person's name. Their hovercard will pop up.
2. Hover over the circle button on their hovercard and add them to the circle that you want to be your Subscription circle
3. Click on that circle's stream and make sure you have the little bell in the top right corner clicked to "On" (it should be colored red). 

Now, practice by hovering over and adding me to your subscription circle-- because of course you don't want to miss anything from me! ;)

#googleplus101   #googleplustips   #dustntv  
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Mexicali Quinoa Kale & Black Beans: Mildly spiced stove top casserole. For a spicier dish, use a HOT chili pepper, or a whole jalapeno pepper, and|or add a pinch of cayenne or chipotle powder to the spices. A quick & satisfying supper and great take along lunch the next day - if there's any left! #quinoarecipes   #mexican   #quinoasalad   #blackbeans  
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+Meat Free Athlete - Anne-Marie Campbell Thanks! It's also quick and easy. :-)
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Thoroughly Decadent Thursday: Vegan Ice Cream Sandwich Cake with Vanilla and Chocolate Whipped Cream. This is a recipe which I drool over and dream about, but will never make, because sugar. But Oh! Wouldn't it be fantastic to eat this just once!? #icecreamcake  #vegancakerecipe
Ice Cream Sandwich Cake!
This is so much fun and so easy to make! A great kid and adult-friendly recipe. Ice cream sandwiches make up the cake layers, held together by a chocolate cream filling and frosted with vanilla whip. My version is #dairyfree  and #vegan  to boot, with banana split "cake" layers! Recipe:
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+Chedrick Proshe Nope! I'm just dreaming of making it.
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    Judith Kingsbury went vegan in 2009, so now Savvy Vegetarian is vegan. But all are welcome and we don't preach. Savvy Vegetarian supports vegans, vegetarians, semi-veg or anyone moving toward a plant based diet. For that purpose, we (mostly me) write articles, blog, develop recipes, give advice, send out newsletters, hang out on social media, and fret over our stats on a daily basis.
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Vancouver, Canada - Mankato, MN - Winnipeg, Canada
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Long time vegetarian, now vegan, helping the world go veg at Loves meditation, yoga, cooking, gardening, reading (everything), music (everything), art (everything), dance (everything), walking, talking, breathing (everything). 
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Of course I survived high school! And the '60s. Otherwise I wouldn't be here. I've also survived drugs, alcohol, extreme macrobiotics, 1 failed marriage, 1 ongoing marriage, 3 children, emigrating from Canada to the U.S., getting an MFA, 2 life-threatening illnesses. I'm an artist, writer, cook, mother of 3 extraordinary women, grandmother of 7, and in love with LIFE!
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Everyybody's is my local natural food store, and it makes me really really glad I live in Fairfield IA. I've travelled around the country quite a bit in the last years, and have to say it's the best natural food store I've been in. And that certainly includes Whole Foods. The bulk section is the best! And the staff is knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. They really know the whole foods market. Even though I might be able to get some things cheaper at my local supermarket, they don't know the market and the shopping experience is hit or miss. I can find everything I need at Everybody's, don't have to go to 2 stores and the experience is SO much better! AND they're online!
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