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Marissa Lingen
science fiction and fantasy writer
science fiction and fantasy writer

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Here is my Christmas present to you, o internet: a story inspired by tea, mayhem, Linnaeus, Elise Matthesen jewelry, and more. How to Wrap a Roc's Egg: go, read, enjoy.

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I have a new @tordotcom story about space and rocks and the families we make: Points of Origin … Go, read, enjoy!

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Here's my new story from Nature, The Many Media Hypothesis.  Go, read, enjoy!

Google is really excited about me friending +Grá Linnaea on G+. Every time I log into one of their services--even one I've dismissed the notification from already--they are popping up the little, "OMG YOU KNOW Grá!!!" notification AGAIN AND AGAIN. Yes, Google, Grá is nifty. Other people are nifty too?  Maybe?  Apparently not as nifty as Grá!

Second new story of the day!  My gnome genomics story is up at EGM:

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Strange Horizons has published a new story of mine!  "It Brought Us All Together."  Go, read, enjoy!

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New story by meeee on BCS: Go, read, enjoy!

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New story, "Surfacing" up at Lightspeed:  Go, read, enjoy!

Sold a story, "Out of the Rose Hills," to Beneath Ceaseless Skies!

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I'm in this anthology and would love to see it happen!
Friends, I've been posting a bit about the Not Our Kind anthology, and now we're getting down to the wire... 3 days and 2K to go!

There are such amazing authors here, including Wes Alexander, Alex Bledsoe, +Maurice Broaddus  +Jennifer Brozek Amanda C. Davis, Sarah Hans, +Janet Harriett , Tyler Hayes, Michael Haynes, +Erika Holt , Gary Kloster, +Marissa Lingen, +Remy Nakamura, +Andrew Romine, +Ekaterina Sedia, +Lucy A. Snyder, +Reinhardt Suarez, +Tim Waggoner, +Damien Walters Grintalis ... so many stories about outsiders and cultural difference that I'm dying to read!

Please consider if you can help get us to our goal! Please pass this on!
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