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Some fascinating and interesting comment that intruiges you.
Some fascinating and interesting comment that intruiges you.
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Is there a way to multiply a number of rolls together? For example, if I have a named value 'count', can I roll '(count)d12' and multiply them together instead of adding?

Example: if count = 2, and the result of 'rak(1d12, count)' is [5,4], how do I get '20' instead of '9'?

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There's brute force and there are dictionary attacks !

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It's Cerberus 3rd birthday, let's celebrate!

We just published updates for Cerberus (version 2.5) and Client Cerberus (version 2.0). There are some cool new features in Client Cerberus, that will make easier to recover your lost or stolen phone from another Android device:

- Web control, like remote control from the web dashboard but integrated into the app

- Touch the device name and you'll see a navigation icon, that will start "Navigation Mode" : the Google Maps navigator will start, and Cerberus will update the destination if you device moves

- If you are near the lost device, touch the radar icon to start "Radar Mode": WiFi hotspot will be started on the lost device and Client Cerberus will display the network signal, so you should have a very good indication (better than GPS) on how near you are to the lost device.

Oh, and since it's Cerberus birthday we need to celebrate: all new accounts created for the next 30 hours will get a free license! The promotion starts now (midnight GMT) and ends at 6 AM of April 26.


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*MAJOR news!* I've been meaning to rewrite the actual PHP code for the front-end for a very long time, and I've finally started - and gotten almost as far as I was with the old codebase!

The new Github repository is here:

I'm keeping the code for the framework around it more separate this time around, and the repository for it is here:

On my own computer, 'Dimentions' pulls from 'Dry' and pushes to its own Github repository. 'Dry' both pushes and pulls to its own Github repository.

This helps me keep the two separate and yet work on them at the same time; I simply have to avoid having files handled from one open from the folder of the other.

Other News: I have also started reading a book about website navigation design. The next few commits will be initial templating towards the goal of making initial 'mockups' for how the website will look. Stay tuned!

I've also changed the license to the AGPL. I would much prefer a sort of 'LAGPL' (Lesser Affero Gnu Public License), which some sources online claim is in the works, but this does not currently exist in any official, well-thought-out sense.

#Dimentions   #Roleplaying   #RPing   #RP   #PHP   #opensource

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Got a haircut, and had my mom take a photo with my phone. Cropped the picture for use as my new avatar!

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Pre-order Starbound exclusively on the Humble Store for Windows, Mac or Linux. Early access opens tomorrow at 10am PT!

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Well, I put the Nexus 4 up on Ebay.

So, a lot has happened...

A semester of school has passed, my Salvation Army job ended, and now I have a job at Safeway as a courtesy clerk.

I got a Nexus 10 tablet as well... And..

My cat Patches, either 17 or 18 (we're not sure which), has passed away from kidney failure. She was a wonderful cat, and she's the one pictured napping on my bed this past December.

I will miss her dearly; I don't really remember a time before we got her. But, she was a wonderful cat, and she lived a good, long life.

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Get your questions ready, internet!  Tim Schafer is doing an AMA (ask me anything) on Reddit tomorrow, May 9, at 10:30AM PDT!

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Just to let everyone know, who may not know, Kerbal Space Program is planning to possibly have paid-for add-ons in the future, but if you buy the game before the end of this month (so, uh, today), you get all future stuff free.
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