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Jenny Sutherland
iGeek, Sci-Fi, Space and generally of ET persuasion :-)
iGeek, Sci-Fi, Space and generally of ET persuasion :-)

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T:Slim user here, IDDM T1 for the last 28 years. Owned by four Pommies and live in Southern CA :-)

Got it!! Added to Circles and tweeted/G+ the contest! YAY! I want a CaseMate case with the GeekBeat logo!

We're giving away @CaseMate cases with the @GeekBeatTV logo on them! Details at ! :) Cool. Now If I can find you, I'll add you to my circle.

Beginning of four days off. While I want to work more, being on SSDI, they make me limit my wages if I want to keep my medical bennies. So, I will have to have the extra day off for this month. 3 pay period months always mean a cut back. Sheesh, I'd think they'd be happy I am working a bit of something.... And not take from me for doing so.

Just checking in for anyone who might be wondering, I'm working all thru weekends now Need better pay, and not like my SO wants to do anything., May as well go to work and get paid to have fun :-)

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Saw ocularist today, we got the fitting done, pics taken and it looks as if I will get my shell NEXT WEEK!!! Not having to wait another week is SO GREAT!!! So happy.

This looks brilliant white right now, but she will tone it down and paint my eye color in it. When she was younger she helped in Painting eyes for the E.T. Movie! So cool!! Today we got a lot done so I guess this is it, So happy to be getting my shell soon!
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Getting my coffee and heading off to work. Today and tomorrow, then 3 days off! YAY! I see the ocularist on Thursday ... Hopefully, she'll have news about when I can look like a human again.

May well be Friday, but it's MY "Monday". Going into work over the weekend. Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon. See you thru the weekend on my breaks and from home.

Last day off before 4 days at work. Coffee is definitely on board. Yawnfest otherwise.
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