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Pacific Hyperbarics in San Diego CA
Hyperbarics in San Diego CA
Hyperbarics in San Diego CA
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Benefits to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy:

• Improved quality of life. By promoting healing of the problem wound, adding HBO therapy can mean the difference between disability, loss of limb, and healing.

• Improved care. By delivering high oxygen under pressure, hypoxic tissue can be restored and healing takes place.

• Lower costs. By accelerating healing and the reduction of extensive medical care, HBOT coincides with cost-containment goals of major insurance providers.

• Since every patient is different it is hard to predict the result in each individual case. However, we know from 50 years of experience that HBOT is safe and will not make the patient worse. Over 80% of patients achieve improvement in conjunction with physical and occupational therapy. The usual oxygen therapy is once daily, five days a week (M-F) for eight weeks. If a significant response is noted after 40 HBOT additional treatments may be helpful.

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