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Quick tip: If you use styrofoam as a base for your polymer clay heads, try Creative Paperclay instead. As an air-dry clay, it doesn't need to bake in the oven, so the foam won't let off nasty fumes.

We just had our first snowfall of 2016 on Delmarva! I love the way a light white dusting can make such an incredible change in the look of the landscape.

White is very enigmatic... it can be either the absence of all color or the presence of all light. Either way, it can create quite an impact!

Have you created a Paverpol design that has makes use of this wonderful color/light? If so, please post a photo on our Facebook page, Paverpol USA.

With all the inspiration of snow all around, I think I feel a Paverpol Challenge coming...

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Our first PUSA Design Team will be using Paverpol in projects that include Creative Paperclay ( and Paverpol with Colourarte Primary Elements (

Would you like to see new ways to use Paverpol with your favorite products, materials or technique? Let me know and we'll consider it for a future PUSA Design Team project.

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