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BREAKING NEWS: Headhunter to the Stars, Brian Daniel, featured on BBC News:
Premier League's Jermain Defoe is looking for a PA. Duties include stocking the fridge
Since I've been writing about recruiting on LinkedIn, I've come to learn that some people have very strong opinions about their involvement in the hiring process; so whether you’re an employer, recruiter or job seeker, there are points of view that the other can’t fully appreciate. In short, people blame each other for the exhaustive, inefficient and seemingly unfair procedures.Understandably, job-seekers are sometimes frustrated by the impersona...
Would most recruiters pass a lie detector test?Before I became a recruiter myself, I worked for 10 years as an executive/personal assistant to celebrities, CEOs and high net worth families. After a two-year gig working as the Chief of Staff to a high-ranking division of the Saudi royal family, I felt wiped-out and was at a crossroads. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue on my career path; so just to see what was out there in the hidden job mark...
Get your resume ready because this city has over 50 billionaires. Hint: It's not NYC (VIDEO): 
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Our network places personal assistants, estate mangers, executive assistants and office managers in Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, Las Vegas,
Since the beginning of my professional working career (back to the great 1980s), I’ve learned a number of important lessons about how delicate of a balance a professional reputation can really be. Sometimes it's like walking a career tightrope.Here are a number of beliefs I had before that came to sting me later. Now that I’m a recruiter, I get to see others make the same mistakes, so hopefully you can recognize if you are doing any of these and ...
Executive assistant headhunters for high net worth families, CEOs, and celebrities: 
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We are a domestic staffing agency that caters to celebrities and VIP families.  We are founded by veteran celebrity PA, Brian Daniel. 
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