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Sneak preview of my upcoming plugin, Eneroth Layer Painter. Stay tuned.

After being down a few days for maintenance the Extension Warehouse is now online and my plugins again available for purchase.

The best seller Eneroth Slicer has alone sold more than all my other plugins together. With this small plugin you can easily cut a model in two, e.g. to create a section view with filled cut.

My personal favorite is Eneroth Swift Visibility Control. With this you can, as the name suggest, swiftly show or hide layers without having to look them up by name in the Layer panel. It may not sound that impressive but at least to me this heavily speeds up drawing in SketchUp as I often toggle the visibility of reference layers.

The one I use the most often myself though is probably Eneroth Component Replacer. This one is really handy when working with lots of similar components, e.g. cabinets.


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My 40th extension is now live at the Extension Warehouse. This extension is designed to greatly speed up some of the basic and most common layer management.

I've noticed I often waste time searching for a specific layer in the Layer Panel so I can hide it while the entity I want to hide is just in front of me. Manually searching for the layer, sometimes even having to scroll the layer list, to do so can be a bit tedious and especially distracting. With this plugin you simply select that entity and press a button to hide its layer.

Another reason why I've spent time in the Layer Panel is to find a layer to show. This plugin adds a button that shows all layers used in the active drawing context in just one click. Then you can select entities of the layers you want to see and press another button to re-hide all the layers you've just shown, except those of the selected entities.

This plugin does not only save a few seconds every single time you need to show or hide a layer but removes the distraction caused by that delay, let you think graphically instead of in text and lets you focus more on your actual work instead of the application's user interface.

Start the 14 day free trial today!

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My most recent extension is now live in Extension Warehouse. This small plugin lets you physically divide your model using a section plane.

This is also my first paid extension, and costs 5 USD with a 14 day trial period. I still don't know if the licensing API actually works so please try it!

I've just open sourced my old solid tools extension if anyone is interested in using it for their own projects or contribute to it.

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I published a plugin some weeks ago that lists all the components a given material is used in. This comes in really handy when prepping for rendering. Sometimes the same SketchUp material has been used for faces that should look different in the rendering, e.g. the same blue color both used on a flower and a car. With this little plugin it's much easier to detect these oddities so unique materials can be created.

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New plugin published. This plugin lets you instantly view an object from behind. Assign a shortcut to speed up drawing in SketchUp.

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I started SketchUp in school and it still has V-Ray 2. The plugin changes the SketchUp icon and the toolbars have very cryptic names instead of calling it, I don't know, V-Ray maybe? I'm so glad V-Ray 3 exists <3 ! Until school gets it I'm disabling this extension.

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My scaled perspective plugin has just been updated to give the user control of perspective foreshortening/viewing distance. This greatly improves the ability to create several consistent looking views.

I've also published a brand new plugin that helps you to precisely position the camera sideways by centering it on a point in the model. This means you now can give multiple scaled perspectives a consistent vanishing point, e.g. using inference to a guideline.

Eneroth Scaled Perspective:

Eneroth Precise Pan Tool:

Accidentally saved an old version of a file over a newer version but dropbox allowed me to recover it. Thank you dropbox! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you <3 <3 !
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