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James Wood
Author of erotic fiction.
Author of erotic fiction.

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Hello all,
The voting is open for the 2014 Bondage Awards and James Wood got the honour of a nomination. Vote for me or your favourite indulgence in a number of categories. Thanks very much.

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An interesting probe of the genre which I picked up from +Remittance Girl. (Does that make it sound like a communicable disease? Ew. Sorry.)

One wonders, as erotica becomes more mainstream does it by definition become less transgressive? And if so, does it lose something because of that? Isn't part of erotica's appeal its forbidden fruit quality? Wouldn't life be a little duller without our dirty little secrets?

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Do you like your erotica free?  Paula's Place - the complete D/s trilogy in paperback - is up for giveaway at Goodreads.  There are 48 hours left in the offer.  I am assured it will be mailed in discreet brown paper so that no one but us will know.

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Yesterday she was. This morning she wasn't. This afternoon, she is again.

Free. Paula, that is, the lusty wench. She's meant to be free permanently--but clearly, you cannot predict when Amazon will charge money for her again! So if you want her free, April 11 at least is still your lucky day... for now!



(And always free at Barnes & Noble, and Apple.)

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Recently I was asked for an interview by the delectable Kay Jaybee. I don't usually like to spill the beans but the girl has a way with words:

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Paula, that dirty girl, makes it onto Stephanie's Bookshelf where she's given a good look over.  

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Madame D takes Paula to her Boudoir and gives her a thorough going over.  Sounds like a plot line happening!  Part 1 remains free for e-reader through numerous vendors.  Take a dip inside.  

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Always literate, Big Brain Erotica reviews "Paula's Place".  Part 1 remains free from most e-reader vendors.  Check it out you naughty things.

Hello all, good to meet you. Great idea for a group and some interesting suggestions... Fifty Shades of BenGay! My eyes are watering already.

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They might have a new dress code at the Grammys but there is no such thing at the launch party of Submission, the final instalment of the Paula's Place erotic trilogy.  If you haven't read it yet, book one, Seduction, is going free. Put your party dress on and spoil yourself. Adults only. Be naughty.
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