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The thing I wish Google + did: allowed me to select multiple circles to view in my stream

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I just got back from rafting 80 miles down the "River of No Return" in Idaho. Here's my post with photos, videos, & maps.

Anybody using an Aperture export to Picasa/Google Plus Photos plugin? Which one are you using and is it free?

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Sunset in off the coast.... this reminds me a lot of the rocks I shot last night in Cannon Beach... I'm processing those tonight along with a new behind-the-scenes video. I'll try to get that up in the next few hours...

And yes, this one was more successful than the failed video I put up yesterday from Seattle... better luck and the muse visited me... !

So where is the "Find My Mac" feature of Lion? Still haven't found it yet...

We just launched our latest web project. We put together a Facebook app for Pacific Sunwear that allows people to post pics of themselves in outfits, then whoever gets the most votes, wins $1,000. 6 weekly contests. I implemented the layout of the entire app. Check it out:

I wish I could select multiple circles to view in my stream.

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+Trey Ratcliff has got to be my hands-down favorite photographer. Check out the stuff he does!! BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS.
My LAST photo from Paris for a while... shared Exclusively first to Google+ !

And I'm doing a live Google+ hangout today at 12 noon PT (3 PM EST). We'll be recording and streaming live in case you don't get into the public part... we'll be talking photography and other fun stuff with +Cali Lewis and +John Pozadzides .

On the last little variety hour, I had on +Lisa Bettany -- that one was recorded as well, and now that I am getting some decent internet, I'll be able to get that one shared as well. And yes, yes... I'll keep doing these, broadcasting live, and get on more photographers, friends, and just hangout and keep it loose & fun! :)

Glen Beck compares Norwegian camp massacre to Hitler Youth ~

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