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Katie Greenwood
Full time mammy to a 20 month old little monkey monster! Vegetarian & Social phobic.
Full time mammy to a 20 month old little monkey monster! Vegetarian & Social phobic.

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I'm sorry.
I'm sorry to the people that I've already let down on here. Don't rely on me. I'm a social nightmare. I'll say I'll do something (and I'll mean it) but then I'll freak out and I'll talk myself out of it. I can't help it. Cut me some slack, I'm getting help....

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New blog layout & things I want to do with my life.
This is my newer "darker" blog. I think I've been neglecting my blog lately because it's just so colourful and cheery and my world is the opposite of that at the moment. I do love colour and adventure but it's all so tainted by my mental issues at the momen...

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Garden play!
One of the reasons we wanted this house (and went over budget for it), was for the back garden. It's not acres of wonderland, but it's there and it's very private and it's ours, and I think it has big potential. We moved in at the end of last October when i...

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Colour play: Week 1: Yellow.
Yellow I know I dress all dark and gothic, but I actually really love colour. Charlie's doing well with his, he recognises pink, (sometimes red) and orange straight away, but struggles with others. So I decided to focus on one colour a week. Every day this ...

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Trendy Thursday - musical theme!
This week we had a musical theme going on. We're a very musical family, so I've always loved Charle in little band T-shirts, and can usually find them in H&M kids and Next. In the boys section. Charlie's growing up around mammy & daddy's music which is a cr...

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Silent Sunday

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Puddle jumping in Cleadon Park.
I've had a bad week.
The first couple of days I had agony with toothache, and then
consequently a terrifying, horrible dental surgery experience, so we
didn't get Out'n'About at all until Friday, which was awful for
everybody. (Mammy gets a bit "caged-c...

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Some fun activities and a lot of 'firsts' for Charlie :)
First time with Play-dough There's recipes for play-dough all over the internet but I used: 1 cup of plain flour 1/4 cup of water 1/3 cup sea salt 1 table spoon of oil Orange & Yellow food colouring This was Charlie's first time with something with a 'squid...

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Horrific dental surgery, SAD & feelings & stuff update.
I haven't had the time or energy to blog much over the last few days. I've done tons of successful and non-successful activities with Charlie but my confidence has been really low. I've also had horrendous toothache (decay or something, something to do with...

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Review: New Gluten-Free baby/toddler snacks from Kiddylicious
According to my books and online research, toddlers should be having up to three healthy snacks a day. And up until Charlie turned 20 months, it was pretty easy to make sure he got them; a few orange segments, blueberries, pieces of banana and some cheerios...
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