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New York City's street trees may be aggravating your allergies
season is upon us. If you're an allergy sufferer, you're probably
stocking up on medications and planning new routes to avoid all those
scenic but sneeze-inducing flower patches. But did you know that some
of the biggest pollen producers aren't flow...

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Hudson Allergy is ready for winter to be over and for spring to finally arrive! 

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5 signs that spring & spring allergies are on their way (in NYC)
After a long and particularly “white” winter - especially if
you’re in the NYC area - we bet you are more than ready for spring. But for
those of you with seasonal allergies, the dawning of spring also means the
beginning of the much dreaded sneezing, wheez...

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Does your dog or cat make you sneeze? You may have pet allergies! Here are 3 common pet allergy myths - debunked!

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3 Common Pet Allergy Myths - Debunked
Allergies don’t just come in the form of pollen, grass, dust or
food. Some of our favorite four-legged friends can also cause us to sneeze,
wheeze, itch and cough! But, the reasons behind pet allergies are commonly
mistaken. Today we want to talk about thre...

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Do you think you are allergic to your Christmas Tree? 

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Christmas Tree Allergies
Christmas is a beautiful time of year but for some, there is one
thing that can ruin it and you wouldn't believe what it is: the Christmas tree.
With well wrapped presents below and the beautiful assortments above, what
would make a person not smile at the ...

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Think you have a winter cold? It could be winter allergies! Learn more about winter allergies via Hudson Allergy's latest post:

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Prepare Yourself For NYC’s Winter Allergies
There is no place better to be for the holidays than in New York City but for many with allergies and asthma, the winter season can be the furthest thing from jolly. Those with pollen allergies may get a break with the cold weather but if you are allergic t...

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Check out this cool new infographic that identifies which popular Thanksgiving dishes have hidden allergens & where they might be hiding: #Thanksgiving #Allergies #HiddenAllergens
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