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Welcome to Google +, Steve. Huge fan of the old rants :-) 
Ok so now I understand why you didn't blog for so long :)
Nice arrangement- I know how much work that is to work out.
Beautifully played. Would enjoy hearing more.
Do you play the classical guitar (plucking with all the fingers of the right hand rather than using a pick)?

Is it easier to play with a pick (first time I've seen this style) or using the classical style.
You played magnificently. Beautiful music:)
Chloe likes! When asked "where's Uncle Steve?" she points to the screen.
When's the live hangout concert?
I don't know anything about arrangement but that was certainly pleasing to the ear. Thanks for sharing, Steve!
Steve, I'm seriously impressed at your highly successful transcription of what was already such a virtuosic piece. It reminds me of this transcription of Chopin's Revolutionary Etude for organ by an old classmate of mine: Frédéric Chopin - Revolutionsetüde, op.10
Sounds great. Makes me want to do some classical training.
_sc _sc
Really great job. How long did it take to arrange & learn? I tried many times to learn it, but it's really long.
Very enjoyable! Well done (and don't worry about the rant... we're all grown ups :)
Nice work Steve, and the guitar play is outstanding.
Beautiful! Well done, Steve, thank you for sharing.
Lesson: Amazon adopted SOA (ignoring the tactics that were used by Amazon leadership) based on its business strategy.

At Amazon, Jeff Bezos wears 2 hats - CEO and Chief Enterprise Architect (the latter is not official). At GOOG, it sounds like the later role is left to the creativity and or heroics of product groups. Without an overarching GOOG-wide architecture strategy, driven by what matters most to GOOG, it’s hard to have a coherent architecture, as many initiatives are often driven by short-term tactical needs with little regard for the impact on GOOG’s overall architecture.

Let me know when GOOG is hiring an enterprise architect.
Steve, I would like the opportunity to pick your brain about about something completely different. Essentially, I would love to know how you think schools (primarily public) will look in function in 10 years. How should a dedicated and passionate teacher prepare his students for the future? Thanks...
Wow, Steve, you are a soul! Hang in there, you did nothing wrong.
That arrangement was amazing and gorgeous.

I'm sorry to clutter the comments on this post, but the comments are off in other one and your writing moved me to respond:
You have your own Quora topic (and have since before you accidentally went viral). Congrats!

More importantly: your post was the most useful thing I've read this year. Your insights on organizational culture, project planning, and massive group collaboration are incredibly insightful and applicable to projects outside of the tech industry. I plan on referring to certain parts of your writing for a communications project I'm working on, and other thoughts are certain to be useful for specific situations I encounter in the future, perhaps including civic cybernetics. Your essay is something I will be reading a couple of times, just because there are several useful thoughts that need a few readings to absorb properly.

Please write more, as your humor and insight are rare to see in combination and it's powerful stuff. I learned things from what you wrote and would like the opportunity to learn more of what you've distilled from your experiences and observations.

Finally, I saw such love for Google and what you know Google can be in your essay. I specifically am not referring to what you wrote as a rant because I think the connotations of the term don't accurately reflect the tone or purpose of your writing. You didn't write something to tear people down or to complain or vent, you wrote because you see a way things can be better and you wanted to share that vision and your supporting evidence with your colleagues so you could start a conversation and hopefully help make something better for everyone. I think the people who matter understand what you meant and appreciate what you say.
You probably know your mistake went viral, i didn't read up on it but i just wanted to post that this google+ seems great it's going to really help my friends and I stay connected more often, btw what ever happened to that stream thing that worked like a live email client? I still have it but it seems to have died or something.
awesome piece of playing.....makes playing rock guitar look like childs play......very nice :)
Just when I thought you couldn't do anything to become even more one of my heroes... here you are! :)
I wish I had known that you played back when we were at the zon.
Awesome! Really nice arrangement. BTW what's the name of your guitar?
Thanks all. But the video has gradually picked up bizarre artifacts from YouTube's conversions. It's now got a horrible clicking noise in the background. I need to re-record it. sigh
Do Wyvern's music! And bring it back so I can do the same! Guitarists ftw!
I've been going backwards through your post and prior to seeing your world class guitar playing, I had come to the conclusion that you were ALREADY too talented. Sheesh! Well done! I'm overwhelmed with awe and envy!
Came to read the 2011 Amazon/Bezos service interface mandate, but was pleased to find this too!
gnarly dude...and you are quite the lisp hacker I read as well...That rocks. Lispers who can shred are my friends indeed. 
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