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New article (a metapost).

I vary the tone of voice in my articles quite a bit, for good reasons. It's part of my overall tactic to draw an audience.

There are several who get nervous when I use strong language in articles, as it decreases the overall likeability of the Pirate Party. Indeed it does, but I don't write to optimize likeability. I write to optimize electability, which is a different animal.

The nightmare scenario for the Pirate Party is that 100% of people think that the we are quite nice chaps and all have us as a second-hand voting preference. That means we don’t get any votes at all. I write to optimize for the scenario where 10-20% think we’re radical and aggressive enough about very real problems to get their vote, but where the other 80-90% or so most likely hate us with all their guts. That scenario means real election winnages.
Selecting the correct tone of voice for an article is so much more than just writing what you think – or what you feel. It has quickly grown to a complex game of politics and playing various informal ...
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... and all of us old networked-on-forums-before-the-Internet-even geeks know very well we can't be liked by everyone. If we try, we risk being liked by none ;)
When I write a piece on there, it's mostly angry.... I guess because what I see around me, which fits the context of FoI, makes me angry. I've just looked as well, and the majority seem to be about terrorism, and 'anti-terrorist actions', which are used to oppress without justification.
Sorry Rick, I just can't do thoughtful like you :-(
+KTetch Dureek a couple of years ago one of my old colleges noted "The Pirate Party seems to be the only honest party"
This is also how I see Rick's message here. We say what we do and why we do it.
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