New article (a metapost).

I vary the tone of voice in my articles quite a bit, for good reasons. It's part of my overall tactic to draw an audience.

There are several who get nervous when I use strong language in articles, as it decreases the overall likeability of the Pirate Party. Indeed it does, but I don't write to optimize likeability. I write to optimize electability, which is a different animal.

The nightmare scenario for the Pirate Party is that 100% of people think that the we are quite nice chaps and all have us as a second-hand voting preference. That means we don’t get any votes at all. I write to optimize for the scenario where 10-20% think we’re radical and aggressive enough about very real problems to get their vote, but where the other 80-90% or so most likely hate us with all their guts. That scenario means real election winnages.
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