The digital world needs the same rights as in the analogue world. New column in New Europe.

In order to come to terms with this dissonance, we must start thinking in Analog Equivalent Rights - going by the simple principle that if a particular invasion of privacy wasn’t okay in the age of the letter, then it’s not okay in the age of the net, either. This isn’t rocket science thinking: it’s the technology neutrality that everybody likes talking about, but seems to ignore completely as soon as it comes to civil liberties, for no acceptable reason whatsoever.

The column is part of a collection named "Our World in 2014" which gathers similar columns from 50 thought leaders in the world. Apart from myself, there are interesting opinions from the presidents of Brazil, Mexico, South Korea, and Iran; the prime minsters of Japan, France, and Italy; a couple of former heads of state; Nobel prize winners, a few finance ministers, leaders of the World Bank, WTO, and IMF; and other named people like Bill Gates and George Soros. A quite interesting collection of thought leaders.
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