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Barbara Jean Mathews
Specializing in the families of colonial Connecticut and Massachusetts.
Specializing in the families of colonial Connecticut and Massachusetts.

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Attend NERGC 2017 to Hear Warren Bittner and Increase Your Wicked Good Genealogy Skills
It’s such a great opportunity to talk with Warren Bittner,
one of the best speakers on doing genealogy better. The first time I heard
Warren speak, he talked about the importance of source citation. If anyone in
that auditorium wasn’t already using source c...

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Good news on the records access front. Genealogists working together can make a difference. In this case, our support led to restored funding for the Library of Virginia. Thank you to everyone who participated.

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One of my favorite topics is managing large groups of people. Doing this in genealogy societies is an added bonus. I'm looking forward to these four upcoming presentations on the topic at NERGC 2017.

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NERGC 2017 Premieres Society Management Day with Elissa Scalise Powell, Jen Baldwin, and Michelle D. Novak
Photograph placed in the
public domain by Cade Martin, Dawn Arlotta, USCDCP.   Face it, many genealogical societies are aging, growing
grayer, and seeing fewer people at their monthly meetings. My beloved Welles
Family Association filled hotel meeting rooms...

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+Jill Morelli does a great job of mapping out #genealogy arguments in journal articles. Fascinating.

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Thank you, +Angela McGhie, for covering my speech for BCG!

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Great to see Angela McGhie, founder of ProGen Studies, is now a Certified Genealogists!

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What is a duplicate original? And what does it have to do with the U.S. census?
“Duplicate Original” © 2011 by woodleywonderworks, uploaded
to flickr , used
with permission. “Duplicate original” is a legal term that applies to two or
more copies made simultaneously, each of which can stand as the original
document. When two written doc...

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My friend Michelle and her sisters now have custody of their younger half siblings following a house fire in Milton on Thursday. The children lost everything, clothes, toys, and Christmas. Let's help them.
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