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Adam Davies
All round computer geek. Helping small businesses.
All round computer geek. Helping small businesses.

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Most people don't really care about security. We hope and believe our computers take care of security for us. Posting the latest Facebook update pretending to be our cat is far more important. The cat and mouse game could work, if your computer was the cat. It's not.

To be taken seriously as a specialist you have to be opinionated. 

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Being a web agency requires more than a name mashup.

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Advanced Search Operators for Yahoo, Bing and Google . A must read for any SEO tech / InfoSec geek

Using security services such as +Sucuri Labs  to find hackable sites. Simply Google:

site:  +intext:"Application: WordPress 4.5.2"

Note: I love Sucuri. Just using black-hat logic to find vulns."Application%3A+WordPress+4.2.4"

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WebAssembly Specification. WebASM, or WASM, seems like a great idea. Think I need to play with it a little!

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The +Klout Twitter login is broken? Looks like they forgot to renew or update the SSL cert.

A security specialist, a developer, and a project manager walk into a bar. Nothing happens.

Microsoft plans to buy LinkedIn for $26.2 billion. Meanwhile, acquaintances find critical exploits for both companies and get ignored.

#InfoSec #Marketing  
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