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The Short History of My Zombie War
Braaaaaiaiaiaiaiiiiiiiins..... LOL. Here are some things about me and the Zombie Apocalypse: 1. I secretly crave it because I won't be one of those stupid survivors. 2. I secretly dread it because I wear contact lenses and I'm afraid I will run out of repla...

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3rd Grade
I was a board game designer...back in 3rd grade. I don't think I told you that. I never told any of my gaming friends, because many of them are real game designers and I did it for a school project. However, I loved it enough to keep trying until they kicke...

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1. Halloween is in the store! I can't wait. :) 2. We get to start wearing NFL shirts to work on Sundays. 3. My coworkers and a good friend made me smile today. Tomorrow I fight the Lobster! Tonight, HACKMASTER! :) My character is literally walking around in...

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3 things from today and 1 thing for tomorrow
Today I came up with a thing that might be fun. I put a selfie on Facebook. I went to dinner with my friend Kira. I felt a friend's absence. I will draw a map tomorrow.

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After stepping in to save the Knights of the Dinner Table Live Action Series Premiere at Gen Con, Zombie Orpheus Entertainment has the gratitude of this KoDT fan...and many others. And now they also have a pledge from me. :) Link to ZOE Patreon page! This i...

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KoDT Charity Auction!!!
To help raise money to repay an extremely awesome anonymous donor who helped fly one of the actors to the KoDT LAS premiere at GenCon, Jolly and Barbara Blackburn are holding an eBay charity auction. These are good people. :) Here is the LINK . You can bid ...

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Words are finite
As usual I'm tired and not making a ton of sense, but here we go. I had this big rant planned about the KoDT LAS premiere that was fun to write. I worked on it at the farm in Iowa while drinking a Leinenkugel's. It's actually well written. Better than a lot...

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If you need help...
I'm tired, so this isn't going to be very good.  I don't do Facebook drama, so it was a unique experience watching my News Feed blow up this morning with the latest news about the Knights of the Dinner Table Live Action Series. It was all extremely terrible...

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Comment I posted on the KoDT LAS Kickstarter today: I’ve been actively involved with Kenzer & Company since about 2003. KoDT was my introduction to their products. I play and promote their game HackMaster. I volunteer to help them out when I can. These are ...

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Live blogging HackMaster!!
LoSort of. I guess its not live blogging if I don't post to the blog until the game is over. So far we've determined that vanilla wafers make good emergency mini bases. Kill the monster, eat the base. We need to talk about your animal companion. She's huge ...
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