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Katie Emmons
Dubstep rebel, saltwater protégé
Dubstep rebel, saltwater protégé

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the new thing! (dream sailor is now goodness revolt)
The new things that we talked about before? They've come to pass, guys-- isn't this just something ? I've discovered that I need a fresh new start. It's a new year in a new world with new things-- and you know what the best part is? everything is going to b...

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extend the brushstrokes
One morning recently my sister turned to me an said "we are so blessed." She expounded on that thought later, and said something like "I woke up and there was sunshine outside, and there was a glass of water on the dresser-- clean drinking water. And I was ...

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writing mornings
Long mornings of coffee, scripture and writing with him and my sister. Reading things aloud and pale winter sunlight. Plotting and characters and deep ponderings. Poetry. Laughs. The last few days have been incandescent. How is your week going? x o  k a t e 

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hey cupcake
Sunday afternoon was spent in Simon + Garfunkel live in New York, frosting, espresso and helping my sister make a test recipe for a chocolate cake. Its been a mash of grays and whites outside. Starlings filling up the snow-caked trees and thin air. We went ...

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so much freaking out excited oh my goodness
I am so durn excited for everything, I could throw something/start a riot. Life, with all its little quirks and luster is truly a remarkable paradise. Snow has fallen thick and heavy, late. The pallet is looking gray and white with sprinkles of green and re...

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drink up this present
I've heard stories about people who
have suffered injuries which cause their brain capacity to become
limited to the now. In other words, “I can't remember when my
birthday is, or where we went on vacation, or what last year was
like, or that song-- but I'v...

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instructions for authentic, traditional français crêpes
today I had a heap of desk work, and packing, and tasks and general etc. I overslept slightly and it was one of those mornings where everything inside you is collectively like: ehhh . face in pillow So after plowing through some email, I made crêpes. Now ...

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yesterday it started snowing around maybe ten o'clock in the morning, and it was still going strong by the time I went to bed, which was rather late into the night. The flakes fell down like feathers and the wind danced with them. Everything is perfectly, q...

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to Q+A vlog, or not to Q+A vlog, that is the question
I. So see that? There's this picture up there at says 'new stuff' in big sloppy sharpie marker? The dream sailor is getting a great, big revamp, the kind where I change the address, the name, the layout, everything-- it's going to be a trip isn't it? But I'...

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soaked in the sacred
There's something that I'm coming around to start calling 'the long meal'. Because it just feels right. It doesn't have all that much to do with the fact that there's a table and food and people eating it, although that's a big chunk of the concept, but it'...
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