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Harley Pebley
Worshiper, Lover of God, Husband, Maker, s/w craftsman.
Worshiper, Lover of God, Husband, Maker, s/w craftsman.

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How to Make a Digital Valentine's Day Card
Description Valentine's Day is tomorrow. Here's how to make a digital card to capture the heart of your sweetie. Well, OK, that might be overstating things a bit, but Harley does show an algorithmic way using trigonometry to generate a beating heart animati...

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How to replace an Apple MacBook Air's dead battery
Description Replacing the battery on Apple Macbook Air is really simple and only requires a couple minutes work. In this episode, Harley shows the couple steps needed to change the battery in an mid-2011 MacBook Air and restore it to its original capacity. ...

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How to make a momentary latching switch
Description A pair of momentary switches become a latching on/off switch as Harley expands on a previous video about remote controlling a shop vac. This is the first of several in a modular switching system to remote control shop equipment using the PowerSw...

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How to quickly make a simple door knob trim plate from left over materials
Description In this project tutorial, Harley shows one simple way of making a trim plate for a door handle. Most door hardware is pretty standard, but occasionally some hardware may leave unsightly holes in the door. Today at the House of Hacks, we use some...

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How to use histograms in Photoshop
Description Histograms can be found in Photoshop for use in post-processing, not only on the back of our cameras when making the exposure. In this final episode of the Histogram series, Harley shows the different places histograms show up and what they repr...

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Beverage vending machine teardown
Description Grab a cold soda and look inside an early 90's vintage beverage vending machine as Harley tears down a drink dispenser found in the back corner of a warehouse. Beverage vending machines are basically refrigerated robots that we see everyday. In ...

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How to quickly isolate a subject on white using the histogram
Description The histogram is a powerful tool for the photographer. In this tutorial, Harley shows how to use this feature found on most cameras to quickly and easily setup lighting to isolate a subject on a pure white background. Properly done, a subject is...

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Tool Review: PEC Electronic Digital Calipers
Description In this House of Hacks episode, Harley presents a short overview review of the PEC Electronic Digital Calipers (Model: #8000-F06). These inexpensive digital calipers have turned out to be surprisingly useful around the home workshop. Assorted di...

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How to install a free virtual machine for the first time
Description Simply stated, Virtual machines (VMs) are computers inside computers. They are one of the best kept secrets in computers, particularly for consumers. Even people who have been involved with computer technology for a while can be intimidated by t...

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How to easily make a vacuum port for the central shop vac system
Description The previous vacuum port design was less complicated than blast gates but still took a bit of work. Today Harley shows how to make a new and improved design that is much faster to make and easier to use. How to quiet a shop vac For a written tra...
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