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Groot has chicken pox! What would be the most likely cause of this? Robo 3d plus using PETG. Temps had been fine prior to this, but was getting some "pox" on other prints. 

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Couple of pics from the Galápagos. 
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Wanhao duplicator i3 plus or folgertech ft 5? I see benefits to both, just wondering if anyone has pros or cons to either. Thanks for any help. This will be for my Digital Graphics and Animation classroom, so the kids can get some real world experience. Have to keep it affordable, since I'm buying it myself. 

I teach a middle Digital Graphics and Animation class and I'm looking to make things better with a 3d printer. The district won't pay for it, so it's up to me to get this done.

Need some recommendations on where to start, I am looking at some options from Printrbot and Folgertech, but I'm open to best bang for the buck options.

Thanks for any help. 

Is there a setting in my watch that keeps turning on do not disturb? I'm not doing it and three or four times a day, my watch will have it turned on. 

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Really enjoying the v10. 

Is there any way to get notification sounds (for specific apps) on the Huawei after the update. 

Can someone point me in the direction of instructions for taking a watchmaker face and using it as a widget on my phone? Please, I can't manage to find anything, probably using the wrong wording. 

Need suggestions on what to use to sideload the update with a macbook. Everything I'm finding is for windows.

Any way to sideload using your actual Android device it is paired with?
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