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And one next month - gives me time to prep

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Two new lounges - one this weekend

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Planning another open Electronics workshop in a couple of weeks - in case you want to bring your projects along for some shared help.

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Looks like we will have a full house on Monday.
First set of ESP8266's for Monday's +Code Lounge - quite a lot of soldering and continuity testing! Hurrah for the ESP-201 (ordering now!)

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Considering running a session on Spinnaker from Netflix, how are your 50gb RAM laptops?

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A reminder that this is on tomorrow morning - 9:30am - 12 noon.

Its all js, but we may end up talking about mixing Java projects with JS projects.

So the summary for today was that we were unable to figure out a use case for etcd.

We still have the same problem that mastering configuration, migration of configuration between environments and the source of sensitive configuration (such as passwords) is hard.

It is also typically tied to the version of the software you are releasing, and with different nodes running different versions (potentially) can you justify a /keys/yourapp without a vX.X underneath? If you do that, when do you prune it? 

If you have configuration changes specific to a server instance (such as when a job runs) how do you store that? 

etcd doesn't solve any of these issues, it just lets you get configuration. So we need to go back to the drawing board to figure out how to solve those issues first.
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