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Steven Teale
Biological Recorder based in Newhaven, East Sussex
Biological Recorder based in Newhaven, East Sussex

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Hunting Nightjars at dusk
woodsmen of the Sussex Weald walked out of the trees long ago now, taking their
coppicing tools and charcoal burners with them and leaving their woodland clearings to the relentless
green succession. This Wealden wood is a remnant of the great

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Watching Nightjars
The sun has set; the full moon must have risen but cannot yet be seen above or through the encircling trees. A breezy day has beclamed and the hazy sky softly glows in a palette of pastel shades. With  a growing sense of expectation, our small group steps f...

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Overwintering moths and butterflies: three years of tunnel surveys at Newhaven Fort
We completed our third winter of surveying moths and butterflies in the tunnels at Newhaven Fort in February. The previous two years set a trend in which our first visit in mid-December produced better results than the second in early or mid-February. That ...

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A haunting at Burnthouse Bostall
 December 2012. The well-shaft has been cordoned off with wooden stakes and health and safety bunting; it flaps in celebration of the well's return from the dead. It is darkening, damp; that rapturous time between Christmas and New Year when people pause to...

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Pollarding at Charleston Reedbed
Charleston Reedbed. What a lovely little postage stamp of a wildlife reserve! Small yet criss-crossed with a warren of reed- and scrubby woodland-bounded, water -bounded paths, this privately-owned patch of land, secured by the master of Eastbourne College ...

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Migrant butterflies and moths at Newhaven: the last five years of recording
Painted Lady ( Vanessa cardui ) I have taken a look at all
the migratory butterflies and moths that I recorded in Newhaven between 2012
and 2016. The results are in the table below, which gives an overall total for
each species for the five year period, a p...

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Butterflies and moths seen in Newhaven during 2016
Each year I run a moth trap at home in the garden (on 209 nights in 2016) and make fortnightly surveys of butterflies and moths at Newhaven's Castle Hill Local Nature Reserve (CHLNR) as part of a shared weekly transect walk. In addition to this I make two s...

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Waking the apple tree
A wassail at Newhaven's Castle Hill Local Nature Reserve Wassail! Norse ( Wæs þu hæl ) meaning "be thou hale", "be in good health".   On Saturday 7th January we held a wassail around an apple tree on the nature reserve. The Earthquake Drummers led a process...

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Butterflies and moths overwintering in the Newhaven Fort tunnels
Our third year of surveying overwintering insects and bats in the tunnels at Newhaven Fort started on 14th December. The Fort management team kindly allows us access to the tunnels which are closed to the public at a time when the Fort itself is closed for ...

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Bishopstone Boxing Day-break
Daybreak on Boxing Day. Cool, calm air; a sky mostly clear of cloud. That restful feeling of the morning after the night before. The wind and rain delivered by Storm Barbara on Christmas Day had skimmed past and the world was sleeping in. As the sky lighten...
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