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Michael Patton
Searching for the new mythology while crawling blindfolded through the labyrinth
Searching for the new mythology while crawling blindfolded through the labyrinth

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Finding My Size
author's note: Again, a poem with uncertainty, an ocean, and release (see last post)... Am I repeating myself?  I prefer to think: I'm exploring motifs. FINDING MY SIZE I woke to find the waves of the night sea had carried me far away from shore-- my legs d...

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Confessions of a Space Man
author's note: "We are all astronauts on a little spaceship called Earth."          -- R. Buckminster Fuller CONFESSIONS OF A SPACE MAN I sat down on a flat stone-- hoping to find some sense of stability but as I gazed across the desert I slowly began to fe...

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Born in Egypt
author's note: An apt poem, I believe, for these overheated times. BORN IN EGYPT When I was child the Bible told me: with enduring patience you can escape Egypt and indeed I was eventually able to leave but not completely... even after all these years the p...

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A Gleam of Purple & Gold
author’s note: It's not my trail--it's our trail. A GLEAM OF PURPLE & GOLD When I first glimpsed that mountain peak I believed I'd seen my destiny: I believed I finally understood the purpose of this rising trail. Thus as I continued to step I did so with i...

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Noise & Symphony
author's note: "I'm listening."        -- from the TV series Frasier NOISE & SYMPHONY When I heard my steps ringing ringing-- ringing out I realized we are all walking bells-- clanging together to create a gigantic cacophony. I believe we have a higher choi...

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Universal Sigh
author's note: Just for the record: I love our scientists. UNIVERSAL SIGH Science still can't tell us why we need to sigh but we already know when you lack adequate language you breathe a deep sigh and in that way give pure voice to the soul and thus reliev...

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Brief Wings
author's note: As they say in the movies: "based on a true story". BRIEF WINGS For a moment this morning I again felt those wings: suddenly-without warning that stiff pain struck me right between the shoulder blades- the tension pinned me straight up. But...

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A Degree of Peace
author’s note: During the Vietnam "conflict", Johnny Cash referred to himself as "a dove with claws". I like that idea. A DEGREE OF PEACE After seeing so much conflict I turned my eyes within and again found conflict. I then realized the origins of war. I t...

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That Blessed Demon Season
author’s note: I'm seasoned. THAT BLESSED DEMON SEASON In the dream I could not breathe for an entire season and as I struggled underwater to find a few molecules of air I cursed whatever demon held me down there... but when the season finally ended I found...

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Plant Life
author's note: I say, we all grow. However, I will admit: in certain cases, it's really really hard to see. PLANT LIFE When I was a plant in a land of drought I asked the sky for rain though I doubted the atmosphere listened to such requests what'd be the h...
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