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Reidar Johansen
I work as a senior consultant. My primary focus is System Center Operations Manager from Microsoft.
I work as a senior consultant. My primary focus is System Center Operations Manager from Microsoft.

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PowerShell: Parse netstat for Remote Connections and more...
I needed a way to find out who was connected to my Operations Manager Management Servers. Of course you can use the GetConnectedUserNames method of the Management Group object in PowerShell like this: Import-Module OperationsManager

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OpsMgr: Visual Studio Authoring Extensions
Do you think you need Visual Studio Professional or Ultimate for  VSAE ? Jonathan Almquist say you do not, read more in his article . He links to the Visual Studio 2012 versions. This is the Visual Studio 2013 versions: Visual Studio Shell (Isolated) - Down...

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OpsMgr: Properties with brackets in PowerShell
Have you tried to select or filter on properties using brackets in PowerShell? Did you figure out how to do it? If not, read on... For example, I execute this command in Operations Manager Shell: Get-SCOMClass -DisplayName 'Windows Computer'|Get-SCOMClassIn...

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SQL Server: Unable to modify a Maintenance Plan
Are you unable to modify an existing Maintenance Plan in SQL Server Management Studio? If you have installed the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio tools in a Basic edition, try to install the Complete  tools. You can use " Installed SQL Server features...

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Outlook Reply / Forward prefixes
Email clients can’t cope as well with a mix of prefixes from across the globe. It’s best to stick with RE and FW as a courtesy to other people. Outlook lets non-English language users do that with two setting buried in the options. Use English for message f...

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Windows: Time Synchronization
Hyper-V Integration Services synchronizes the time of virtual machines with the physical host because virtual machines tend to experience time drift over time. Never disable Hyper-V Time Synchronization, it's important when the virtual machine boots and res...

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DPM: Backup network
Let's say I have a production network, with subnet I already have two domain controllers (dc1 and dc2), a backup server (dpm1) and other member servers. The domain controllers and DPM servers are running Windows Server 2012 R2. I...

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DPM: Troubleshooting
When debugging problems with DPM you should look at the logs. For the agent you will find the logs in: %windir%\temp\MSDPM*.log C:\Program Files\Microsoft Data Protection Manager\DPM\Temp For the server you will find the logs where you installed DPM, for ex...

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Windows: How to extend evaluation period or convert to retail
When you download and install an evalution version of Windows, you are given 10 days before you have to activate Windows (Product key not required). After that you are given 180-days to evaluate it. You can extend the evaluation period three times. This giv...

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OpsMgr 2012: Report Models
Reports in Operations Manager is based on SQL Server Reporting Services . When building reports with Reporting Services you need to know the underlaying database, the data relationships and what queries to use. For this purpose we can use Report Models , al...
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